Using Pain Relief Cream On Yourself Can Cause Deadly Exposure To Your Cat

Most diligent pet parents would never give their companions medications or products meant for humans, unless advised by a vet. But what happens when your feline gets exposed to a product you used on yourself – and the symptoms are potentially deadly? According to an alert posted by FDA, five cats developed life-threatening symptoms after their owners used a topical pain relief cream containing the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) flurbiprofen. Sadly, three of them passed away. The scariest part is that the … Read more

This State Law Allows Pets To Be Buried With Their Humans

New York state laws are evolving to please the pet-loving public. One of the newest allows pets to be buried alongside their humans. You may be thinking, “Wait a minute–pets aren’t allowed to rest in peace with their families?” According to a story by the The New York Times, “It is unclear how many other states allow pets to be buried with their owners in cemeteries meant for people. In general, said Mr. Fleming, of the state’s Association of Cemeteries, the practice … Read more

Woman Accuses United Of Kicking Her Off A Flight Due To Cat Allergy

United Airlines just can’t seem to stay out of the news. Its most recent public complaint is from Donna Wiegel, a woman who was flying from Baltimore to Chicago. When Wiegal noticed a passenger with a cat at the gate, she says she approached an agent and asked for them to make sure her seat was far from the pet.   “I have a lot of respiratory problems and asthma,” she said in a story by NBC Chicago. “And cats are a … Read more

Deadly Disease Affecting Cats Is Quickly Spreading Across This State

Back in March in Norman, Oklahoma, Barbara Tarbutton and her husband noticed a little something off about their cat, Paw Paws. He had some nasal discharge with a little bit of blood in it and wasn’t moving around very well. Tarbutton says from the time they noticed Paws acting ill, it was only 20 minutes before they were on their way to the veterinarian’s office. Within hours, Paw Paws was diagnosed with Bobcat Fever. Despite getting expensive treatment, he passed … Read more

One-Eyed Rescue Cat Alerts Human Of Home Intruder

Manny may have one eye, but his super-sharp senses detected when something was wrong! The fluffy gray kitty is a former stray who lost his eye in a cat fight. But that’s not the only reason he’s one tough feline!   Manny was adopted 5 months ago, and when he woke his human early one morning, cat-dad Andrew figured that he was just hungry. But when his urgent meows sounded different than usual, he knew something was wrong. “(Manny) sometimes wakes … Read more

Stray Cat Who Interrupted Marlins Game Finds His Forever Home

You may have heard that earlier this week, a stray cat interrupted a Miami Marlins / Atlanta Braves game while they were playing at Marlins Park. While fans went wild for the feral feline, the scared kitty didn’t feel the same. He ran and hid, and although the game was paused and a moving sculpture turned off for his safety, the cat seemed to disappear somewhere in the stadium. ICYMI: A @Marlins staff member has adopted #RallyCat! Meet Don Cattingly: … Read more

Woman’s Cat Goes Missing Then Turns Up In The Strangest Place…

Alice Boyd of Springfield, Missouri was distraught when one of her cats, a 4-year-old tabby named Piya, went missing. Boyd had brought her eight felines to the vet in her new car. But when she arrived home with the carful of kitties, there were only seven. Piya was gone. “I looked everywhere for the cat, retraced my steps and everything,” she said in a story by Fox 19. A few days later, Boyd was out for a drive with her granddaughter when she heard … Read more

Kitten Survives After Accidentally Being Shrink-Wrapped & Shipped Over 500 Miles

After going through quite an ordeal, it’s a miracle that a gorgeous gray kitten – with bright blue eyes – is alive. The 8-week-old kitten, who has been named Joey, found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Presumably a stray, the kitty somehow managed to get into a package warehouse and got wrapped up with one of the boxes.   “Probably he was in the warehouse, [the machine] scared him, he ran up the [packaging] and the machine … Read more

Police Officer Faces Punishment For Removing Scared Kitten From Drug User’s Home

Police officers take oaths to “serve and protect” all lives, big and small. One Toronto-based officer may receive punishment for trying to do did just that. According to CTV News, Constable Beth Richardson was charged with “discreditable conduct” for removing a terrified kitten from a drug user’s home without their consent. The kitten, who reportedly smelled like smoke and had runny eyes, appeared to have been neglected while its owner was on a three-day meth binge. Richardson took the kitten to the … Read more

Fishing Trip Gives Father & Son Unexpected Surprise Of The Wild Feline Kind

When Kevin Alexander and his 11-year-old son Blake went fishing on Shasta Lake in California last weekend, they probably expected to see some birds, maybe a water snake, and of course, fish. But when they spotted two mountain lions swimming right by their boat, they couldn’t believe their eyes! “We see two things in the water that we had never seen before, so we stopped, turned around for a quick second, and next thing you know we see two large … Read more