Police Officer Faces Punishment For Removing Scared Kitten From Drug User’s Home

Police officers take oaths to “serve and protect” all lives, big and small. One Toronto-based officer may receive punishment for trying to do did just that.

According to CTV News, Constable Beth Richardson was charged with “discreditable conduct” for removing a terrified kitten from a drug user’s home without their consent. The kitten, who reportedly smelled like smoke and had runny eyes, appeared to have been neglected while its owner was on a three-day meth binge.

Richardson took the kitten to the vet, where it was given a clean bill of health. But in the meantime, the drug user’s boyfriend called the police and “demanded the return of their kitten,” saying “the theft of kitten was caught on tape,” according to the news story.

Get the full story here:

If Officer Richardson is found guilty, she could receive a dock in pay, a demotion, or even expulsion from the force.

As pet lovers, we’d do just about anything to help an animal in need. We want to know your thoughts on this story: should Officer Richardson have taken the kitten without its owners’ permission? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t: CTV News)

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