Mini Cat Town Is Everything the World Needs Right Now

Admit it—we all want to live in a place called Mini Cat Town populated entirely by kittens. Fortunately, that place already exists in San Jose, California, and all of the kittens there need homes. March to October is known to those in the animal rescue community as kitten season. When the weather warms up, stray female cats go into heat and sixty days later give birth to litters of kittens. Shelters become overwhelmed with more baby kitties than they can … Read more

This Kitten REALLY Gets Into His Dinner – Literally!

Our cats amuse, surprise, and sometimes even gross us out with their funny little quirks. Every cat has them, and what makes them unique is often what makes us love them so much! This kitten’s quirk? He’s into food. Like, really into food! He takes his bed in breakfast. He can combine lunchtime and naptime. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to eat his food or swim in it – so he’s doing both!   This food is seasoned with … Read more

Attentive Shelter Mama Gives Her Kitten A Very Unique Hairstyle

A stray cat in Newfoundland, Canada is our pick for Mama Cat of the Year, thanks to the adorably diligent care she provided to her one and only kitten. Perm, a lovely long-haired tortie, was picked up as a stray and taken to Exploits Valley SPCA, where she gave birth to a single precious kitten. Perm was such an attentive, doting mom to her new daughter, that the little cutie experienced a strange side effect – a super sassy mohawk! … Read more

Rescue Dog With Separation Anxiety Gets Her Very Own “Therapy Kitten”

In the Spring of 2014, a college student living in Miami walked into a shelter to see a scared, skinny dog with a serious skin condition. For Samantha Kreisler, their connection was immediate. Despite being discouraged by shelter staff, she knew she couldn’t go home without the lonely pup who needed her.   “Lady was actually named Lucy by the shelter. When I got her, her skin on her back legs was so bad and infected, we called her ‘Lady … Read more

Plushie-Loving Therapy Dog Gets A Real Live Kitten To Cuddle

You may remember Mojito as the Golden Retriever with the adorable bedtime ritual. The sweet therapy dog carefully chooses one of her arsenal of plushie toys to snuggle with each night at bedtime. As heartwarming as this habit is, Mojito’s newest cuddle buddy is even more aww-inducing! His name is Skywalker and he is a snow-white polydactyl kitty rescued from life as a stray. A post shared by Mojito Rose Soldan (@mojito_rose) on May 31, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT Skywalker … Read more

Officer’s Routine Traffic Stop Leads To A Heartwarming Kitten Rescue

It was a lucky day for a kitten and the driver who was bending the law when Officer McGuire pulled someone over for a routine traffic stop! The policeman was parked on the side of the road when a tiny kitten caught his eye. He decided that the fluffball’s life took priority over a minor traffic violation, so he let the driver go (for which she seemed incredibly grateful), and proceeded with his heroic rescue! “Without hesitation, McGuire walked towards the kitten – … Read more

Rescuers Transform Paint-Covered Kitten From Green To Her Natural Orange

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Cobb the kitten was named for the business where she was found, an old-fashioned general store in Fort Pierce, Florida called P.P. Cobb. The business owners happened to be repainting the building’s trim dark green when the 5-week-old kitten turned up. Cobb was rescued by Elinore’s Dream/Operation CatSnip with her ginger hair covered … Read more

Adorable Kitten (Literally) Falls Into The Lives Of Woman & Her Housemates

It’s every cat lover’s dream: a fluffy, wide-eyed kitten somehow stumbles into your life, and it’s such a fateful event, you know that you have to keep him… For 28-year-old Ellie Haywood and her housemates, this dream became a reality! A post shared by Asbestos the Roof Cat (@asbestostheroofcat) on Dec 8, 2017 at 1:02am PST It all happened at the house they’re renting in Melbourne, Australia, which is apparently in less-than-stellar condition. In a story by Buzzfeed, Hayworth describes it … Read more

They Rescued A Stray Kitten To Find Him A Home… But Their Cat Decided He Had To Stay!

Everyone who lives with a cat knows that they’re the ones who make all the rules! This was the case for Reddit user todontblink, whose opinionated ginger tabby decided that the new stray kitten they were taking care of had already found his forever home. Todontblink explained in a post that they found the black and white kitty on a country road. Cars were dodging him, but no one else decided to stop and save him. So, the poster pulled over and … Read more

Why Are Kittens Sometimes Friendlier Than Adult Cats?

Kittens are irresistible for more reasons than one. Not only are they covered in fuzz with big eyes and precious pink paws, they’re also little bundles of curious energy, eagerly exploring the world around them. While many cats grow up to be calmed-down, affectionate versions of their kitten selves, others can become skittish of strangers, and some are downright grumpy. So, what changes: why are kittens sometimes friendlier than cats? To a kitten, the world is a new, adventurous place. … Read more