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About Us

Mr.PurpMeet Mr. Purple, aka King Purp, the CEO for iHeartCats.com and one lucky rescue cat who found his happy ending. I’m his cat mom, Modi Ramos, and the editor here at iHeartCats. I’d like to take a moment to share his story with you:

I was looking to add a cat to my family, after months of toying with the idea in the back of my mind. I’ve always loved cats from as early as I can remember, and ginger tabbies will always have my heart.

When I walked into a Petsmart on a cold December day in 2013, I wanted to find a cat that spoke to me. Some people want a tiny kitten, but that wasn’t necessary for me or the best idea seeing as I have small children. Most of the cats were asleep or relaxing in their plexiglass cages, with the exclusion of one crazy cat that chased invisible shadows in his cage. For minutes I watched him entertain himself, and I started to get that pitter-patter feeling deep inside my heart.

I inquired about him from the volunteer working the booth, who told me that this playful cat was thrown from a moving car in front of that very same Petsmart earlier that year. Once he was cleared for adoption by his foster mom, he would make the journey to Petsmart hoping to find his forever home, but each weekend proved the same fate and with her he remained.

On his adoption bio it read in capital letters, “LOVES TO BE HELD BY SMALL CHILDREN,” and as a mother to two young girls at the time, that fit perfectly into my family dynamic. Renamed “Mr. Purple” by my then two-year-old daughter, this sweet boy wasted no time making himself a part of our family. He’s grown to an impressive 15 pounds of fluff, he’s the king of cuddles, and still that same crazy cat I fell in love with on the very first day he came into my life.

Mr. Purple now spends his days hanging out on his back patio chasing lizards, snoozing on his favorite spot on the couch, pouncing the neighborhood dogs who walk by, and is loved by all he meets for his crazy cat antics.

If you want to connect with Mr. Purple or Modi (editor), you can email Modi@HomeLifeMedia.com