Here’s Why Your Cat Deserves “I and love and you” This Christmas

The holiday season is right around the corner, so it is time to start finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, especially your furry family members! Your cat deserves some of the most loving and thoughtful gifts possible. They need to be given something that they will love for years to come and something that will keep them happy and healthy! iHeartCats has partnered with “I and love and you” which is a cat food company that’s all about … Read more

You Eat Well For the Holidays, So Your Cat Should Too!

The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy delicious meals with your friends and family. Many people look forward to this season simply because of the yummy food. It is a perfect opportunity to have a nice dinner with all your loved ones, and of course, that includes your kitty! So, while you’re getting ready to have an extravagant feast, this may also be the perfect time to switch your cat to a much healthier and tastier food! iHeartCats … Read more

Choosing Food That Perfectly Fits Your Cat’s Needs

When it comes to finding food for your cat, the number of options available can be overwhelming. Many of the foods you come across might not even appeal to your cat, let alone be healthy for them. Finding the perfect food doesn’t have to be a nightmare though. Thanks to “I and love and you”, the ideal cat food has been created. Not only is it tasty and healthy for your cat, but it also includes plenty of variety in … Read more

The Right Weight Loss Diet for Your Cat

Depending on the size and breed of a cat, each one has a specific weight requirement that is best for a long, healthy life. For pet parents with overweight or obese cats, finding the right diet is paramount. We have partnered with NomNomNow, who have provided us with some helpful information about reaching and maintaining your cat’s weight goals. What Causes Obesity In Cats? Even a regular feeding schedule can result in an overweight cat. Things such as treats and an … Read more

5 Reasons PrettyLitter is the Best Cat Litter

When it comes to kitty litter, pet parents want a product that is easy to use, keeps things clean, and has solid odor control. If you are still using clumping store bought litter, it’s time to up your kitty litter game. PrettyLitter offers cats and their parents a brand new way to take care of kitty business with less mess, no odor, and ultimate convenience. On top of that, it helps pet parents keep tabs on their cat’s health. There … Read more

Volunteers Wanted: Must Want To Drink Wine And Feed Shelter Cats

Love Cats. Drink Wine. What could be more relaxing than spending some quality with your cat? Maybe adding a glass of wine and feeding shelter cats. Great news! iHeartsCats is excited to announce our new partnership with Winc (pronounced wink). What’s Winc, you ask? It’s just quite possibly the best way to enjoy a glass of wine without ever having to leave home. Plus, with your Winc order 25 meals will be donated to shelter cats. Even better, Winc is … Read more

An Important Warning To Senior Cat Owners Who Have Wood or Tile Floors

As you watch your cat get older, you’ll notice several changes from his appearance to his behavior. Age brings new memories, but it also brings a few problems. You may notice your cat being a little more careful with his movements, and having some trouble getting around the way he used to. Hard floors can make movement especially difficult, and although cats may be nimble, slipping and falling isn’t impossible. For a cat with arthritis or joint issues, it can … Read more

Product Review: Check Out The New Jackson Galaxy Cat Toys!

This month, the new Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate is hitting Petsmart shelves. The “My Cat From Hell” star’s collection focuses on cats as the heroes in Cat Play with a wide variety of products offering fun and interaction between human and feline. The collection includes eight new products that are made with your cat’s natural instincts in mind. I received four of them for review. We know your kitty is dying to get her claws in them, the question … Read more

Vet Visits Will Be A Breeze With This Cleverly Designed Cat Carrier

Many of us avoid non-emergency trips to the veterinarian because the experience can be so stressful on our cats. The average cat carrier is a large part of the chaos. You try to push your cat through a small opening while she struggles to escape, then once you’re in the examination room you have to pry her out again. The whole ordeal can be very traumatic on us as well as our cats. K-Kat has a solution, and it’s amazing. (Photos: K-Kat) K-Kat’s MagiCarrier … Read more

This Company Wants To Give Free Products To Your Cat!

How many cat ads have you seen? I’m guessing, if you’re a passionate of a cat owner, you see hundreds each month. Emails, pop-ups, commercials, all trying to sell you some new product that will change your cats life. I admit, I’ve even done product reviews on this very site! But I constantly find myself trying to tell you about some new great product I’ve found, saying to myself “I wish I could just send everyone a free sample.” I imagine … Read more