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1 week ago

11 Signs Your Cat Might Actually Be Your “Baby”

 There comes a time in many feline-lover's lives when their cat becomes more than a pet, not "just" a cat, and most certainly part of the family. When your kitty nuzzles your neck or gazes up at you with those big, curious eyes, you can't help but melt. Here are 11 signs...
2 weeks ago

Kitten Comforts Lion King‘s Simba & You Will Cry Because It’s Too Cute

No matter what anyone says, cats are not aloof overlords who peer down at us from on high. Okay, they are, but at the same time, cats can be loving and tender creatures when someone needs comforting. And Mika the kitten is a baby cat who still has more love than aloofness...
2 weeks ago

5 Ways To Tell Your Cats You Love Them In Their Own Language

One of the many subtle ways that our cats communicate their affection for us is through their tails. Animal behaviorist Marilyn Krieger says that a curved tail, puffed up at the base and subtly quivering is a surefire "I love you" from your cat. Also, a tail twined around...
4 weeks ago

Toys To Keep Your Kitty Out Of Trouble!

One Toy For Your Cat, One For A Shelter Cat!
4 weeks ago

Shop Our Jewelry To Show Off Your Love For Your Cat!

Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Oh My!!
1 month ago

Garden Season Is Upon Us!

Puuuuurfect garden decor for the ultimate cat lover
1 month ago

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