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2 days ago

3 Ways Your Cat Asks For Help

Are you harming your cat by feeding them the wrong food? These 3 dangerous ingredients are in many common cat foods. Click here to learn more.
3 weeks ago

Adventure Cat Floki Completes Hike To Top Of New Hampshire’s Highest Peak, Plus 47 More

Floki the cat isn’t one who likes to sit at home and watch the world go by out her window. Instead, she wants to be out in it, experiencing the thrill of climbing New Hampshire’s Mountain peaks. And this bold cat has the best partner for trekking summits, her mom, Mel...
3 weeks ago

Firefighters Rescue Cat And His Person From A Tree

Firefighters are used to getting calls about cats stuck in trees. And it turns out it's not that usual for them to get calls about people stuck in those same trees while trying to rescue their cats. The Tulsa Fire Department in Oklahoma recently got one of those calls. In...
3 weeks ago

6 Signs Your Cat Is Angry

Cats are finicky creatures with moods that can quickly change from happy to upset. The ability to see when your cat is angry will allow you to understand when to back off and give your cat space instead of escalating the situation. Continuing to prod a cat who is angry is...