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Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on May 11, 2024

It’s an unfortunate fact that feline urinary issues can turn a family’s life upside down, but solutions like PrettyLitter can help cat parents understand the motivation behind bad litter box habits. 

Veterinary Technician reveals a startling estimate of 97,000 cats euthanized yearly1 due to reported issues in behavior, with the number one cause of surrender being urinating outside the litter box. A Himalayan cat named Lulu even made recent national headlines2 for her tale of litter box woe. Lulu’s owner wanted her euthanized for peeing outside the litter box, but the Dutchess County SPCA in New York took her into their care and learned she had urinary crystals. This painful issue causes cats to pass small stones through their bladder and urethra. Generally, a change in diet will clear up the issues.

But what if Lulu or any of these lost cats’ caretakers had a litter that could have alerted them to a medical issue before their cat started peeing outside the box? Through color change technology, PrettyLitter does just that. And perhaps this incredible silica gel litter can be the tool that will save cats from unhappy endings and help their families better understand what motivates their kitty.

What Causes Cats to Urinate Outside Their Litter Boxes?

Solving the mystery behind inappropriate elimination can be tricky with cats as it’s just one of many ways felines show stress or illness. And these are just some of the reasons cats might urinate outside their litter box:

  • Medical issues like feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), bladder, stones, kidney disease, and diabetes
  • Arthritis and age-related mobility issues
  • Disliking the litter or the litter box itself
  • Dirty litter and/or pan
  • Territorial issues with another cat
  • Preferring a quieter box location
  • Changes to the family

No matter if the reason behind their aversion to the litter pan is behavioral or medical, making an appointment with the veterinarian should always be the first step in helping your cat back to happy and healthy litter box use. 

Then, observe your cat’s habits closely. Does your cat strain to pee? Is there blood in their urine? Has their thirst level increased? Are they randomly vocalizing or yowling? Is your kitty acting lethargic?

Any of these behaviors can signal a medical issue in your cat and should be reported when you see the vet.

Stay Ahead Of Litter Box Aversion with PrettyLitter

If the reason behind going outside the litter box comes down to a medical issue like FLUTD, crystals, or kidney disease, cats will often stop using their litter as they associate it with the pain and discomfort that’s plaguing them. But with PrettyLitter, the situation might not get so dire that your cat starts going outside the box. That’s because their lightweight silica gel litter gives you the power of early detection with their color changing magic.

Here’s what the PrettyLitter colors can tell you:

  • Dark Yellow or Olive Green: indicates typical ranges in urine
  • Blue: indicates elevated alkalinity, meaning your cat could be at risk for developing urinary tract infections or stone formations
  • Orange: indicates high acidity, a possible signal of kidney disease
  • Red: indicates blood staining the white litter, signaling the possibility of bladder crystals, FLUTD, or certain kidney diseases

Whether the litter reveals blood or abnormal ranges in pH, you’ll need to make an appointment with your veterinarian for a diagnosis. If your cat has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, keep an eye on things by monitoring color changes.

More Reasons To Love PrettyLitter

In addition to health monitoring aspects, PrettyLitter is ultra-lightweight, soft on paws, and a champion at trapping odor because the gel absorbs urine and dries out solid waste. And all you have to do is scoop the poops and give the litter a stir. Then, when it’s time, toss the used litter and pour in a fresh bag that’s delivered to your doorstep. And delivery is free to most U.S. states. 

Sign up with PrettyLitter now and give your kitty the best litter box experience possible. It’s one way to keep your kitty happy and going potty right where they should! 

Get 20% off your First Order of PrettyLitter Odor-Busting Lightweight Cat Litter w/ code PRETTY20. 

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