Kelli Brinegar

Kelli Brinegar might as well be a cat. She likes naps, can be kind of moody, has too much hair, and will swat you if you try to take her food. And because she’s basically one of the feline kind, it made sense for her to help others understand what motivates cats. For more than five years, she’s been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why.

Providing care to more than thirty cats in her lifetime, Kelli currently shares her home with seven cats: Renwick, Allan, Violet, Corbie, Harrison, Frenchie, and Lady Tia. Her clowder teaches her something new every day, and she’s happy to share those insights with anyone who wants to decode cat behavior.

Education: Troy University, B.A. in English and History

Expertise: Cats, Creative Writing, Research

Education: Troy University

Location: Troy, AL

Title: Writer

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