Special Cat Who Defied Death Will Always Be The Size Of A Kitten

S’mores is a pint-sized cat with a big personality and an even bigger zest for life. When she was a kitten, a freak accident left her brain damaged, and she nearly died. Amazingly, the baby pulled through. However, the trauma stunted her growth, leaving her tiny forever. But you know what they say: good things come in small packages! S’mores is now living at the Odd Cat Sanctuary, a wonderful safe haven in Salem, Massachusetts dedicated to giving special needs … Read more

Top 5 Household Items That Double As Great Cat Toys

You don’t need to spend an entire paycheck at the pet store to keep your playful kitty entertained. Built with the athleticism of perfect predators, cats need physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Toys replace the prey they would be hunting out in the wild, but in the mind of a cat, a toy could be anything. Your feline can be tough and tenacious, but they’re also silly and imaginative. Sometimes, their favorite toys aren’t toys at all. … Read more

Sleepy Kitten Gets Tucked Into Bed, Asks For More Head Scratches

There is just something so innocent and pure about babies, and that includes our itty-bitty furry friends! They seem to have unstoppable energy and eagerness, and everything is new and exciting for them. Of course, all that discovery and exploring can be tiring, and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing these little ones snuggling up for a nap! The ginger kitten in this video below is indescribably adorable as his human tucks him into a tiny fleece bed. But perhaps the … Read more

Ginger Foster Kitten Can’t Get Enough Of His Snuggly Stuffed Donuts

Love donuts? Love kittens? You’re in the right place. Stanley is a ginger kitten we was fostered by a cat lover named Sheila in Portland, Oregon. Soon after he was born, Sheila realized that the furry baby had an affinity for all things donut! After presenting him with his first small donut bed, Stanley snuggled his tiny body in it and never wanted to leave. Even after he outgrew it, the kitten wouldn’t stray far from his donut pal… so … Read more

Florida’s “Cat Cop” Fosters Kittens She Finds While On Patrol

Gretchen Byrne is a patrol cop for the Coral Springs Police Department in Florida. Two years ago, a pregnant stray cat approached her in a shopping center parking lot. Byrne decided to take her to the police station until the end of her shift, and then home. Since then, Byrne has fostered about 65 cats and kittens that she has found in the alleys of her patrol route. After posting about that first cat on her Instagram account, people started contacting … Read more

Special Kitty Survives Against All Odds, Has Adorable Quirks

Emmit is a special kitty who was found huddled up with his siblings in a bush when they were only 2 weeks old. All the kittens were taken immediately to a vet since they were very sick. Sadly, Emmit is the only one of his litter who survived, and that was after 2 weeks of tube feeding, antibiotics, and around-the-clock care. Emmit is special for more than just surviving, though. Emmit has a cleft nose and a partially cleft palate, … Read more

Kitten Is Rescued From Rubble Left By California Wildfire

The devastation in California seems insurmountable following the wildfires that raged through parts of the state. But out of of the ash in the town of Truckee, a tiny miracle emerged. The Truckee Fire Department posted on Facebook that they were sifting through the ruins when they spotted a kitten. “Yesterday, October 17th, while working on the Atlas Fire, the Truckee Fire Crew on Engine 292 noticed a small cat run across a burnt hillside and in to a hole in … Read more

Watch The Moment A Kitten Is Rescued From A Deep Underground Pipe

This is the story of a brave black kitten with an unstoppable will to live! The poor baby managed to fall down a pipe that was 25 feet in the ground in Venice, California. Although it survived the tumble, it faced another huge hurdle: how in the world was it going to get out? Luckily, the tiny kitty has a big voice, and meowed as loudly as possible in hopes of capturing someone’s attention. Amazingly, its cries were heard by … Read more

Kitten Rescued From The Rubble After A Fire Gets The Purrfect Name – And Forever Home!

In Rockford, Michigan, locals were shocked when the Corner Bar, a much-loved restaurant and landmark, burned to the ground. When the damage was done, all that was left was ash, rubble… and a stray kitten! When people noticed kitty, who was unharmed but homeless, they set traps near the wreckage and finally caught the little black furball. In safe hands, they decided to give her the purrfect name: Smokey! Although the Corner Bar is making plans to rebuild, they still … Read more

Elusive Sand Cat Kittens Are Filmed In Their Habitat For The First Time Ever

The footage below is the first of its kind – and it’s also absolutely adorable! Sand cats, which live in the Sahara dessert, are incredibly elusive and difficult to spot, let alone catch on film. Nocturnal and crepuscular most of the time, these small felines are experts at camouflage. While adult sand cats are hard enough to find in the wild, their kittens are an even rarer sight…but now we can watch them, thanks to this incredible footage. Scientists and … Read more