15 Clever Names For Polydactyl Cats

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on April 22, 2017

There’s just something we love about a cat’s paw. With its velvety fur and soft pink “bean toes,” their little feet are simply irresistible! That’s why, when their paws are extra big with extra toes, we know that these kitties are extra special!

The unique features of a polydactyl cat means that they need to have an original, clever name. Check out the list below for some ideas!

Do you have a polydactyl kitten or cat? Share his or her name with us in the comments below!

1. Siete/ Seven / Sept (…etc.)

How many toes does your cat have? Name him or her after the number of toes on their feet! Whether in English, Spanish, French, or any other language, this cool name can be tailored to your kitty!

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2. Big Foot / Sasquatch 

Because your cat has big feet, of course!

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3. Poly / Polly

This is a purrfectly “punny” name for your female poly-dactyl cat!

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4. Toe-ny / Tony

…and here’s one for the males!

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5. Digits

Not only does this name honor your kitty’s toes, it’s great for a cat whose parents love numbers.

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6. Hemmingway / Hemi

Polydactyl fans know that these special felines are also known as Hemingway cats (Ernest Hemingway was given a 6-toed cat by a captain, according to The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum). Therefore, this is a great name for a pet if his human loves literature!

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7. Lucky

Okay, so this name isn’t uncommon, but its origin is. According to Catser, extra-toed kitties were considered good luck to fishermen. “They were rumored to be excellent mouse hunters, and their extra toes gave them better balance on ships that encountered rough waters,” the site says.

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8. Captain

In light of their history, you can also give your kitty a seafaring-name like this! Or how about…

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9. Stormy

For a moody kitty…

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10. Matey

For the cat that lends a helping  hand…

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11. Skipper

If your feline runs the ship!

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12. Mitt

With his giant paws, this name is purrfect for a cat who’s been adopted into a sports-loving family!

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13. Daisy

Does your kitty’s many toes look like the petals of a beautiful flower? Name her after your favorite bloom.

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14. Rosebud

This is another sweet name for a cat whose toes are as numerous as petals, especially if she has a pink nose.

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15. Thumbelina

An adorable name for a feline with many thumbs, call your small, multi-toed cat by this name!

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Feature Image: brownpau via Flickr

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