Research Shows That Cats Have 5 Major Personality Types

| Published on February 17, 2024

Each and every cat is a special being unto themselves!

They all have quirks that make them unique and endearing, but like us, cats fall into different personality types.

After conducting a study involving around 200 cats parents, Dr. Lauren Finka of the University of Lincoln tells us cats generally fit within one of 5 major personality types.

Dr. Finka interviewed the cat parents to form ideas about the personalities of their feline friends. Her research revealed the five personality types as well as thoughts on the factors behind their developments. Turns out, nature and nurture work together to influence a cat’s constitution as feline personalities are influenced by a cat’s development, upbringing, and genetics.

Of course, variations in these personality types occur, but it appears all cats fall into one of the 5 categories.

Which cat personality type best describes your kitty, dear?

Check Out the 5 Feline Personality Types 

#1 – Human Cat

Human Cats love people! These social butterflies crave human affection and enjoy invading your personal space at all times. Cats who love people love to snuggle and will gladly become your feline shadow. These people-loving cats will do whatever it takes to be near you!

Keep Human Cats entertained with activities you can do together. Wand toys are a good choice because you and kitty can play together.

#2 – Hunter Cat

Cats are born hunters. It’s in their wild and ancient DNA, but some felines ache for the hunt more than others. These are the Hunter Cats. Given access to the outdoors, these predators will often return home with feathered, furred, or scaled gifts caught by their little paws just for you.  

Hunter Cats often prefer realistic cat toys to practice their skills of stalking and pouncing. No ribbons and frills for these wild things! Cats with a high prey drive are happiest with a large area to roam and explore, such as an outdoor cat enclosure. There, they can watch birds flitter by while they play with bugs and other brave creatures that might happen into a Hunter Cat’s territory. 

#3 – Cats’ Cat

The Cats’ Cat finds comfort in being with other cats. They’re the sweet cats who give care to all the other kitties, always grooming them and touching noses to give kisses. A Cat’s Cat loves to cuddle with other felines and probably the humans of the house too. 

This behavior doesn’t happen regularly in the wild, but kittens raised with other cats often develop the Cats’ Cat personality. Please these furry felines with activities that include the whole feline family, like fun climbing trees and motorized toys that draw the attention of all the cats. 

#4 – Cantankerous Cat

Everyone knows a Cantankerous Cat, and it’s often this personality type non-cat people associate with all felines. As cats with sensitive needs, the Cantankerous tend toward frustration or annoyance when habits are disrupted. But this doesn’t mean these grumpy cats are always in a bad mood. They just need their independence and distance. Cantankerous Cats tend to choose their humans with care and love with fierce loyalty. And don’t worry, grumpy cats still want cuddles. They’ll just let you know when they want them. 

Make sure these independent cats have lots of solitary play options. Toys they can bat around when they feel the urge or even a bunch of interesting scratchers provide good options.  

#5 – Inquisitive Cat

The Inquisitive Cat is always getting into something! Curious, playful and outgoing, these kitties are generally intelligent creatures eager to explore anything new in their environment. You’ll find them in bags, cardboard boxes, or tucked away in some weird space that defies all logic. Their curiosity drives them to be social and Inquisitive Cats enjoy meeting new friends. But warn them to keep an eye on their backpacks and purses as these curious cuties will definitely paw through them.  

Keep those nosey beasts happy with fresh boxes and bags as well as toys, like puzzle boxes, that allow them to flex their investigative skills.

So, which personality types are the purrfect fit for your cats?