Kitten Found Paralyzed & Barely Alive Gets A Second Chance, Thanks To Customers Like You!

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Noel was a feral kitten found outside on a cold December day, thin, paralyzed and freezing. A good Samaritan rescued and took him to a local animal neurology center. There, they gave Noel life-saving treatment. He spent months in his foster home going through physical therapy and medical treatment so that he would … Read more

Your Purchases Support The Charity That Helped Rescue Dozens Of Hoarded Cats After Hurricane Harvey

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  CATNIP Foundation received a call for assistance with cats abandoned at a flooded home in one of the hardest hit areas of Vidor, Texas following Hurricane Harvey. The scene was a breeder/hoarding situation with a large number of cats and kittens at risk. In the words of a rescuer: “The cats and kittens … Read more

Petition To Include Pet Food In Food Stamps Gathers Over 90k Signatures

Pet parents consider their companions to be family, so what happens when they fall on hard times, gaining assistance to feed the household – but get no help for their pets? This question was posed in a petition that has gone viral. When Edward B Johnston Jr. encountered a rough patch and enrolled in his local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), he learned that the food stamps did not include food for his beloved dog. He wrote in the petition: “Unfortunately, … Read more

Animal Protection Laws In The US – Where Does Your State Rank?

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) recently released its 12th annual ranking of the United States in terms of animal protection laws. The information was collected in 2017, identifying which states ranked best, worst, and somewhere in between. A article published by the organization reports: “For the 10th year in a row, Illinois is in first place—followed by Oregon (2), California (3), Maine (4), and Rhode Island (5). Kentucky holds firmly to last place for the 11th consecutive year. It trails … Read more

The DIY Home Improvement Project That’s Purrfect For You & Your Cat

If you could add something to your home that would help you and your kitty bond, increase their quality of life, and protect the nature in your yard, would you do it? That’s the idea behind Catio Spaces, the company that designs “cat patios,” which can be enjoyed by both you and your kitty! “Cynthia Chomos, founder-designer at Seattle-based Catio Spaces, believes cats can live harmoniously with wildlife, stay safe from predators, and enjoy nature with the addition of a well-designed … Read more

Elusive Sand Cat Kittens Are Filmed In Their Habitat For The First Time Ever

The footage below is the first of its kind – and it’s also absolutely adorable! Sand cats, which live in the Sahara dessert, are incredibly elusive and difficult to spot, let alone catch on film. Nocturnal and crepuscular most of the time, these small felines are experts at camouflage. While adult sand cats are hard enough to find in the wild, their kittens are an even rarer sight…but now we can watch them, thanks to this incredible footage. Scientists and … Read more

The Hunt Is On For A Cat Serial Killer, And They’re Enlisting The Help Of An Animal Forensics Lab

Cat parents in southern London have been on high alert for years: since 2014, a serial “cat killer” has been murdering and mutilating neighborhood kitties in the area. Police, along with the RSPCA, has been working to identify and convict the heartless murderer, who’s responsible for some 250 animal deaths. But despite examining bodies and gathering evidence and eye witness accounts, the criminal remains at large. Hopefully, this will soon change. ArroGen Veterinary Forensics, Britain’s first forensic lab that focuses on … Read more

World’s Oldest Living Cat Passes Away At The Age Of 32

It’s always sad when a kitty companion passes away, but he leaves behind an especially hard-to-fill hole when he’s lived nearly half your life with you. Nutmeg was five years old when he wandered into Ian and Liz Findlay’s garden in 1990. He was found with an abscess on his neck, and they took him to the vet, and then into their home. They spent the next 27 years showering him with love and attention. In 2015 they stood by … Read more

Hemingway House Staff Stays Behind To Care For 54 Resident Cats During Hurricane

Good news in Key West: the historic Ernest Hemingway House survived hurricane Irma with little damage, and its resident 54 polydactyl cats are safe, sound, and cared for, thanks to a handful of dedicated staff members. Ten employees chose to remain behind to care for the kitties, despite frightening predictions of dangerous weather, along with urging from actress Muriel Hemingway, the late writer’s granddaughter, to pack up the cats and evacuate. The actress begged manager Jacqui Sands in a video posted … Read more

Social Media Users Hide Information From Barcelona Terrorists By Posting Photos Of Cats

If you follow the news, you know that there have been some very sad events taking place in Spain. Recent attacks by terrorists have left several people dead and more injured, and some missing, with no answers yet as to why. Authorities believe that those responsible and in hiding or attempting to flee the country might keep an eye on hashtags such as #Barcelona, #RamblasdeBarcelona, and #Ramblas to keep up with the aftermath of the attacks, patting themselves on the … Read more