Pet Parents Demand Answers After 20 Cats Lost Their Lives From Canned Food

Cat owners of sick or deceased kitties want answers from Weruva, the pet food company whose product is causing life-threatening illness. A batch of their Best Feline Friend (BFF) canned cat foods that were distributed in Australia seem to be the culprit.

According the the Herald Sun, symptoms of the toxic food have presented themselves as “neurological damage” and have led to the deaths of about 20 felines. Many more have become dangerously ill.

All BFF canned foods were recalled in Australia on May 5th after consumer complaints, and the company assures customers that vigorous testing is being done. A recent report stated that there were low levels of thiamine in the lot, according to the Herald Sun. This can lead to severe consequences for cats.

Sherry Lynn Sanderson, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia, said in the story:

“Thiamine-deficient cats develop anorexia, an unkempt coat, a hunched position, and with time, convulsions that become more severe, leading later to prostration and death.

“Thiamine deficiency may cause a number of other neurological disorders and loss of the ability to maintain equilibrium when moving or jumping.”

Although Weruva continues to post updates on their Facebook page, many commenters claim that the the answers to their concerns are too vague. The company has lost the trust of many loyal customers, despite claims that the products in the unaffected lot “remain a safe choice.”

Weruva continues to assure pet parents that more answers are on their way. They wrote on Facebook:

“We are following guidance from the Australian Veterinary Association. We continue to research every detail surrounding the BFF canned foods. Tests suggested by veterinarians have been and continue to be performed, some of which require more time.

To date, tests have not yielded any conclusive links between BFF canned foods and the reported illnesses.”

To keep up-to-date with Weruva and the Best Feline Friend test results, follow them on Facebook.

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