Vet Who Shot Cat With Arrow & Posted Photos Online Loses In Court Again

If you saw this infamous story in the spring of 2015, you’ll probably never forget: Texas dweller Kristin Lindsey shot Tiger, her neighbor’s cat, with an arrow when it wandered into her yard. Afterward, she proudly posed with the ginger tabby’s body and posted the photos on Facebook. Aside from the unspeakable cruelty of her actions and the heartbreak it must’ve caused the kitty’s family, the worst part of the case is that Lindsey is a veterinarian. Legal action was pursued, … Read more

Kitten Who Was Tossed In The Ocean Gets Rescued By A Heroic Charter Boat Captain

In Destin, Florida, a cruel incident of animal abuse could’ve turned tragic if not for an astute and big-hearted charter boat captain. Captain Jordan Smith, who was operating a boat called “Profishional” for Let’s Fish Destin Charters, was on the water when he saw an object falling from a nearby bridge then splash into the ocean. At first, Smith thought someone had tossed out a wad of trash. As he got closer, he noticed it was an animal, and figured it might … Read more

Cops Rescue Kitten Who’s “Playing In Traffic”

On the Fourth of July, one tiny ginger kitten found himself in a scary situation before being rescued from a kind driver and some cops! Officer Austin Kidd of Arlington, Texas was just leaving a call when he noticed a driver trying to get his attention near a vehicle that was parked in traffic. The officer assumed that the car had stalled, but as it turned out, it was stopped so that it wouldn’t run over a kitten! The terrified … Read more

Cat Saves Owner By Attacking & Injuring Burglar In Action

When we think of having animals for protection, we usually imagine specially trained dogs. However, one cat wants us to know that he has what it takes to hold his ground against an intruder. Binky the cat even surprised his owner, Cynthia Kootz, by his brave actions.   Kootz, her boyfriend, and Binky had heard a noise behind their garage around midnight, but the humans decided to ignore it. Binky, on the other hand, began growling. Minutes later, a man started … Read more

Rescue Denies Adoption To Candidates Who Will Declaw Cats

The Regina Cat Rescue in Canada is serious about its stance against declawing. In fact, they’re so adamant about the issue, they’re going to start refusing potential adopters from taking home a feline friend if they plan on having the procedure performed. According to CBC News, part of the mandatory adoption application asks candidates whether they will have the cat declawed. The story explains:  “If they mark ‘yes,’ volunteers will inform people of the dangers of declawing. If they don’t change their mind, … Read more

Pet Parents Demand Answers After 20 Cats Lost Their Lives From Canned Food

Cat owners of sick or deceased kitties want answers from Weruva, the pet food company whose product is causing life-threatening illness. A batch of their Best Feline Friend (BFF) canned cat foods that were distributed in Australia seem to be the culprit. According the the Herald Sun, symptoms of the toxic food have presented themselves as “neurological damage” and have led to the deaths of about 20 felines. Many more have become dangerously ill. All BFF canned foods were recalled in Australia on May … Read more

Retiree Opens No-Kill Cat Shelter & America’s First House Cat Museum

Cat lovers across America can see exhibits that display to cat artwork and feline history. But have you ever wondered why there aren’t any museums dedicated to the majestic and well-loved house cat? Wonder no more, because The American Museum of the House Cat has just opened in Sylva, North Carolina!   In his retirement, Dr. Harold Sims – also known as the “Cat Man” –  has dedicated his time and extensive collection of cat artifacts to honor the beloved house cat … Read more

New Study Reveals Long-Term Side Effects Of Declawing Cats

Cat lovers appreciate every part of a feline, from their soft velvety ears to their sharp – and at times, destructive – claws. We know that their scratching is not meant to be malicious, but it’s a natural instinct that’s ingrained in their DNA. While we may try to direct where they scratch, having their claws surgically removed can be traumatic. It’s more than just a procedure extracting the nail. In fact, it’s an amputation, and it can lead to long-term medical and … Read more

Sacramento Nuns Accused Of Trapping & Relocating Family Pets

A resident of Gallant Circle in Citrus Heights was taken aback when she saw a cat sitting inside a trap in her neighbor’s yard. Not only was it odd to see a trapped cat, the woman also felt as if this were an omen of sorts, as her cat has been missing since the beginning of the month. She confronted her neighbors, two nuns, and was not pleased with the result. The nuns were setting traps to catch cats and relocate … Read more

Cat Decides It Has A New Home & A Custody Battle Ensues

Some people say that cats choose the humans they want to be with. So when a person adopts a cat, but the kitty decides to start spending time in a new home, who’s the rightful owner? According to The Telegraph, an incident like this recently occurred in Italy and lead two neighbors to court. The 4-year-old black and white cat named Fiocco was living with a woman in Genoa and after two years, it began spending more and more time at a neighbor’s house. … Read more