Woman Files Lawsuit Against The Shelter She Adopted Her Cat From — And You’ll Never Guess Why

A New Mexico woman adopted a one-year-old black cat named Caspia in February 2014 from a local animal shelter. Unfortunately, this would not be the kitty’s forever home. Andrea Hauff is suing Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department because she claims they did not inform her of the cat’s behavior issues, which she says led to an attack.   Hauff claims that a few weeks after bringing Caspia home, she found her hiding behind the couch. The woman reached behind the sofa to retrieve the cat, and it attacked her … Read more

London Tube Station Replaces Its Ads With Pictures Of Cats

Are you sick of being bombarded with advertisements on TV, in magazines, and even on your commute to and from work? If you’re a Londoner, or a well-timed tourist, you can enjoy a break from being pummeled with ads, at least while you’re in the tube station. A photo posted by @claire86hazell on Sep 12, 2016 at 9:28am PDT Glimpse, described as, “a group of friends who want to use creativity for good” on their website, thought the public needed a change. They … Read more

Stray Kitten Becomes “Surprise Guest” During Live Newscast!

Anything can happen on live TV, whether it’s good, bad, or in this case, totally adorable! Anchor Nima Shaff for Detroit’s WXYZ Channel 7 news station was filming a live broadcast when–meow–a tiny ginger kitten suddenly stole the show! (Good thing the whole crew was there, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to get such great footage of the little fluffball.) It seems that their original story was thrown out the window, as this kitty’s energetic cuteness became the latest “breaking news.” … Read more