Woman’s Cat Goes Missing Then Turns Up In The Strangest Place…


Alice Boyd of Springfield, Missouri was distraught when one of her cats, a 4-year-old tabby named Piya, went missing.

Boyd had brought her eight felines to the vet in her new car. But when she arrived home with the carful of kitties, there were only seven. Piya was gone.

“I looked everywhere for the cat, retraced my steps and everything,” she said in a story by Fox 19.

A few days later, Boyd was out for a drive with her granddaughter when she heard strange noises coming from the dashboard: purring and meowing. She brought her car back to the dealership to get it “fixed”; and they freed her beloved Piya!

Watch the news story below:

It looks like Piya didn’t go far, after all! It was so nice of the dealership to get the kitty out of the car, free of charge. We’re so glad that the tabby is safe and sound and she’s been reunited with her human.

(h/t: Fox 19)

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