Stray Cat Who Interrupted Marlins Game Finds His Forever Home

You may have heard that earlier this week, a stray cat interrupted a Miami Marlins / Atlanta Braves game while they were playing at Marlins Park.

While fans went wild for the feral feline, the scared kitty didn’t feel the same. He ran and hid, and although the game was paused and a moving sculpture turned off for his safety, the cat seemed to disappear somewhere in the stadium.

Game watchers were so enamored by the unexpected kitty, a poll was posted asking what he should be called. Unfortunately, by the time the game ended, he was nowhere to be found.

Two days passed with no sign of the cat, and then on Thursday, he made an appearance once more! This time, they were able to safely get him in a kennel.

One woman came forward thinking the feline was hers, but upon meeting him, realized he was just a look-alike.

When no one claimed the gray cat, a Marlins front office employee stepped up to take him home!

“It’s super shy & will only eat & drink if I’m not looking at it,” reads a tweet describing the kitty.

Watch the original news clip below:

We’re just glad that this feline is safe and found a forever home! With time, he’s sure to settle into his new surroundings and enjoy life as a loved family member. Thanks to his new humans for giving him a chance!

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