Burned Kitty Rescued From Death Row Will “Make Some Family Very Happy”

When Muse was abandoned by his previous owners, it was a huge stroke of bad luck. His misfortune continued when he found himself in a situation that left him badly burned (the exact causes are unknown). And things got worse still when he was picked up by animal control, then immediately put on “death row” due to his injuries. https://www.instagram.com/p/BcwQsM0g_t9/?taken-by=musetheoddcat It seemed the young kitty’s life had finally hit rock bottom, and sadly, it looked like he’d reach the end … Read more

13 Clever “Cat-O-Lanterns” To Light Up Your Halloween

Pumpkin carving is a fun, traditional fall festivity, and some cat lovers enjoy mixing this pastime with their love of the feline kind! This Halloween, there’s no better way to announce your affinity for kitties than by lighting up your home with some cleverly-carved cat pumpkins. (If your neighbors didn’t know you were a “cat person” before, they will now!) In need of inspiration? Scroll on! From simple silhouettes to intricate works of art, check out the 13 “cat-o-lanterns” below: … Read more

The Hunt Is On For A Cat Serial Killer, And They’re Enlisting The Help Of An Animal Forensics Lab

Cat parents in southern London have been on high alert for years: since 2014, a serial “cat killer” has been murdering and mutilating neighborhood kitties in the area. Police, along with the RSPCA, has been working to identify and convict the heartless murderer, who’s responsible for some 250 animal deaths. But despite examining bodies and gathering evidence and eye witness accounts, the criminal remains at large. Hopefully, this will soon change. ArroGen Veterinary Forensics, Britain’s first forensic lab that focuses on … Read more

Lazy Cat Loves To Lounge In Her Own Miniature Hammock

In Brazil, a kitty named Paçoca loves living the good life in her own tiny hammock! Cat-mom Ana Beatriz Pinho posted a photo on Twitter showing her cat lounging in the pink contraption. Apparently, the kitty was keeping her dad company while they enjoyed some downtime. “My God,” the daughter posted in Spanish, “my father bought a hammock for her so she could lie [by] his side.” Meu deus meu pai comprou uma rede pra paçoca só pra ela deitar do lado … Read more

Every Inch Of This Home Is Dedicated To Cats – And It’s For Sale!

The name of our site is pretty self-explanatory, and if you’re reading this, you probably “heart” cats as much as we do! But while we can all agree that we love our feline friends, we all show our affection  in different ways.   For instance, there’s a homeowner in Arizona who loved kitties so much, they covered nearly every inch of their home in cat paraphernalia! But now, the house is for sale.   The outside of this 2,500 square … Read more

Homeless Man Always Feeds His Cat Before Himself

Loong Dum, a homeless man in Thailand, may not always know where his next meal is coming from. But not matter what, he makes sure that his companion, a stray kitty, is well fed. The story of the big-hearted man is being circulated on the internet by animal lovers who admire his kindness. Loong Dum sells limes to make money, but his first priority is always to feed his feline friend. Along with his limes, he carries a sign with … Read more

Ask A Vet: 4 Ways To Fulfill Your Cat’s Emotional Needs

Especially in the past, humans have discounted that animals have emotional needs. It is much easier to write them off as because if we consider that they have emotions, then as their caregivers, we must take responsibility for those as well. But cat lovers know (and appreciate) that felines have feelings. They’re our companions and our friends. Humans have taken them from their wild environment and expected them to mold completely and effortlessly to our domesticated existence. But as their guardians and … Read more

5 Reasons To Share Your Bed With Your Cat

There are different opinions as to whether humans should let their animals cozy up under the covers with them, but here at iHeartCats, we’re all for it! Not only do we love having our cuddly cats with us all the time, there are a several specific benefits to sharing the bed with our favorite felines. From staying warm to feeling safe, here are 5 reasons that sharing your bed with your cat is totally awesome. 1. They’re like fluffy little heaters. Who needs a … Read more

From The Vet: 3 Things You Must Know About Your Cat’s Butt

Cats seem to always have their rears in our face (see Why Does My Cat Put Her Rear In My Face?), but have you ever really thought about it? We love our cats from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tails, but we do not give much thought to cat butts… until there is a problem. All animals have a digestive tract and the anus/surrounding area are called the perineum. The anus is the conclusion of … Read more

At First, This Shy Shelter Kitten Hid In His Arms; Now, She Can’t Stop Cuddling

When Reddit user milkymoocowmoo saw Savannah’s picture posted by a small local shelter, he immediately loved her. When he went to meet her, though, she was painfully shy. In fact, she’d been overlooked by many potential adopters for this reason. But unlike everyone else, this new cat-dad didn’t let her skittish personality deter him. “Her siblings were snapped up quickly, but nobody was interested in this shy little girl…until me!” he posted. The man found out that Savannah and her litter had been … Read more