Homeless Man Always Feeds His Cat Before Himself

Loong Dum, a homeless man in Thailand, may not always know where his next meal is coming from. But not matter what, he makes sure that his companion, a stray kitty, is well fed.

The story of the big-hearted man is being circulated on the internet by animal lovers who admire his kindness. Loong Dum sells limes to make money, but his first priority is always to feed his feline friend.

Along with his limes, he carries a sign with him that it reads: “20 baht per bag, profits will pay for stray cat’s food expenses,” according to Coconuts Bangkok.

“I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cat needs to eat,” he said in the article.

Warunya Wattanasupachoke, who publicized the story after meeting the man herself, says that this is a great lesson in seeing past people’s looks.

“We shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance,” she said, according to Coconuts Bangkok. “Take Loong Dum for example. Though he is homeless and rugged-looking, he has a big heart.”

This short and sweet tale is a beautiful reminder that humanity comes in many different forms!

(h/t: Coconuts Bangkok)

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