Rescue Denies Adoption To Candidates Who Will Declaw Cats

The Regina Cat Rescue in Canada is serious about its stance against declawing. In fact, they’re so adamant about the issue, they’re going to start refusing potential adopters from taking home a feline friend if they plan on having the procedure performed.

According to CBC News, part of the mandatory adoption application asks candidates whether they will have the cat declawed. The story explains:

 “If they mark ‘yes,’ volunteers will inform people of the dangers of declawing. If they don’t change their mind, they will be refused.”


The next question cat lovers may ask is, “Can’t people just lie on the application?” While this is is always a possibility, the point of asking is to bring awareness to the serious effects that declawing can have on cats.

Regina Cat Rescue volunteer Rachel Molnar explained to CBC News:

“A lot of people don’t necessarily realize how dangerous it is or the other behavioural issues that can arise because of declawing. Hopefully, by providing that education, we can just provide that clarity there.”


As it turns out, the Canadian Vet Association is also opposed to the procedure.

“It is evident that felines suffer needlessly when undergoing this surgery as an elective measure,” said Dr. Troy Bourque, the association’s president, in another story by CBC News. The article also states that declawing is considered to cause “unnecessary and avoidable pain” to felines.


Naysayers may argue that a declawed cat in a good home is better than a cat with its claws who’s homeless or on the streets. But those strongly opposed to declawing consider the practice to be a form of abuse and mutilation.

What do you think – should the Regina Cat Rescue refuse potential adopters who plan to declaw cats? Tell us in the comments below! 

(h/t: CBC News)

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