Burned Kitty Rescued From Death Row Will “Make Some Family Very Happy”

When Muse was abandoned by his previous owners, it was a huge stroke of bad luck. His misfortune continued when he found himself in a situation that left him badly burned (the exact causes are unknown). And things got worse still when he was picked up by animal control, then immediately put on “death row” due to his injuries.


It seemed the young kitty’s life had finally hit rock bottom, and sadly, it looked like he’d reach the end of his road. But just hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized, something miraculous happened: Tara, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary of Salem, Massachusetts, heard his story and decided to give him a chance.

Followers of the rescue’s social media pages quickly fell in love with the kitty’s cougar-like good looks and unbreakable spirit. A fan suggested his purrfect name – and it stuck!


Tara explained to iHeartCats that when Muse first came to the rescue, the poor baby was in rough shape.

“He was on morphine for the first 2 weeks we had him. He was truly burnt so bad… [but] he’s come so far and is almost ready for his forever people!” she said.

Thankfully, Muse is healing beautifully with lots of love and care, and as he’s settled into the rescue, some of his adorable quirks have emerged.

“He purrs so loud!” Tara told us. “He’s super affectionate, loves to be loved; quite the snuggler. [He] eats us out of house and home, he loves to be held! He chirps too.”


Muse is thought to be 11 months to a year old, and thanks to the sanctuary, he has the chance to live a long, healthy, and happy life! He will available for adoption once his wounds heal, which Tara says should be in just a few weeks.

She also has an important message to share:

“No one showed any interest when Muse had hours to live on death row – please give death row cats a second look! The Odd Cat exists to save cats just like Muse…he’s going to make some family very happy.”


We’re so glad this sweet boy’s luck finally turned around!

Follow Muse and his friends on the Odd Cat Sanctuary Facebook page, or on his very own Instagram handle: @musetheoddcat.


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