Shelter Comes Up With Purrfect Solution For Senior Cat Who Loves Being Held

Dougie is a 15-year-old ginger cat who LOVES to be held. According to a post on the Facebook page of Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland: “When he’s not being held, Dougie’s meow can be heard from galaxies far away.” The shelter needed to think creatively to allow Dougie to be held while the staff still got work done around the shelter. According to the Facebook post: “We thought creatively and decided a baby bjorn allowed Robert [Weimer] to both hold … Read more

Stray Cat Recovers, Surprises Rescuers With Fluffy Coat & Stunning Eyes

When poor Cotton was found as a stray, the mangey cat with inflamed eyes was pitiful to look at. He was discovered in Royal Palm Beach, Florida by a man named Joe, who said that the kitty just “came out of nowhere.” Joe had gone outside to set down a plate of food for his own cat when Cotton approached and hungrily devoured it. Joe was concerned for the sickly stray, but knew he couldn’t take in another pet, as his cat was … Read more

This Cat Is Looking For A Family To Love Him… AND His 2 Noses!

One-year-old Memphis was down on his luck. Born with two noses, the special kitty had a family for the first year of his life, until they could no longer care for him. He was surrendered to a shelter in Salem, Massachusetts, where he was nearing the top of the euthanasia list — and that’s when his luck finally changed. A post shared by Memphis the 2 nosed Cat ❤️ (@memphis2noseoddcat) on Apr 5, 2018 at 5:06am PDT The nearby Odd … Read more

After 5 Years In A Shelter, This Senior Black Cat Defies The Odds & Finds A Home

As a shelter cat, Bailey already had two strikes against her. Adult cats have a harder time getting homes than kittens; and senior, black cats have the hardest time of all. Bailey was the poster cat for those unfair statistics. Still, Purrfect Pals knew that her home was out there. iHeartCats has shared stories from their shelter before – it’s an amazing place where cats with even the toughest challenges find hope and homes. Bailey was adopted as a kitten … Read more

Rescue Cat’s New Family Get More Than A Pet – They Also Get A Masseuse!

There are so many excellent reasons to adopt a cat: they’re sweet, loving, make excellent companions and (should you need one) natural-born hunters. Cats blow us away with everything they have to offer, but they’re always adding new tricks to their repertoire! This is Banks, and at the time that this video was recorded, he was waiting for a home at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services Shelter in Bonita, California. It’s no surprise that he’s since … Read more

Plushie-Loving Therapy Dog Gets A Real Live Kitten To Cuddle

You may remember Mojito as the Golden Retriever with the adorable bedtime ritual. The sweet therapy dog carefully chooses one of her arsenal of plushie toys to snuggle with each night at bedtime. As heartwarming as this habit is, Mojito’s newest cuddle buddy is even more aww-inducing! His name is Skywalker and he is a snow-white polydactyl kitty rescued from life as a stray. A post shared by Mojito Rose Soldan (@mojito_rose) on May 31, 2017 at 2:25pm PDT Skywalker … Read more

Sickly Kitten Purchased Online Finds Her Way To A Caring Rescue

Any true animal lover would never consider purchasing a pet online. Although we love browsing adoptable pets’ profiles on the web, the thought of “ordering” a puppy or kitten to be shipped to you from an unknown source is completely ridiculous. Sadly, there is a market for online pet purchasing, and unsurprisingly, they’re almost always sourced from puppy mill-type breeders. Another scary fact: some pet sellers get their “supply” from these mysterious online sources, which is why it’s so important … Read more

Burned Kitty Rescued From Death Row Will “Make Some Family Very Happy”

When Muse was abandoned by his previous owners, it was a huge stroke of bad luck. His misfortune continued when he found himself in a situation that left him badly burned (the exact causes are unknown). And things got worse still when he was picked up by animal control, then immediately put on “death row” due to his injuries. It seemed the young kitty’s life had finally hit rock bottom, and sadly, it looked like he’d reach the end … Read more

Woman Adopts Lovable Stray Who Turns Out To Be “8-Cats-In-1”!

Cats have a way of prancing right into your heart and changing your life forever. Rachel – known as EnigmaWearingHeels on Imgur – had no intention of adopting a kitty until a petite ginger and white cutie appeared on her porch with a belly full of kittens. Before she knew it, Rachel was the pawrent of eight-cats-in-one!   Rachel fed the mama-to-be and offered her shelter inside her home. After enjoying her meal, the cat expressed her gratitude by purring and “making … Read more

Adorable Kitten (Literally) Falls Into The Lives Of Woman & Her Housemates

It’s every cat lover’s dream: a fluffy, wide-eyed kitten somehow stumbles into your life, and it’s such a fateful event, you know that you have to keep him… For 28-year-old Ellie Haywood and her housemates, this dream became a reality! A post shared by Asbestos the Roof Cat (@asbestostheroofcat) on Dec 8, 2017 at 1:02am PST It all happened at the house they’re renting in Melbourne, Australia, which is apparently in less-than-stellar condition. In a story by Buzzfeed, Hayworth describes it … Read more