Shelter Cat Chooses Human & Brings Out The Best In New Brother

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on May 29, 2017

When a self-proclaimed “dog person” decided to meet the cats at her local shelter, she unexpectedly made a new feline friend.

“His name was Bruiser when I first met him,” Imgur user sbailes wrote on a post. “According to the staff that took care of the cats, Bruiser never left his bed or cage when someone was in the room as long as he’d been there.”

Image Source: sbailes via Imgur


But then, everything changed.

“I was just looking into the cage and he walks up to me, and instantly begins to purr. I knew I must have him at that moment,” she recalled.

The poster happily took the kitty home, where he was welcomed into the family. They already had a ginger cat named Cheeto, who wasn’t particularly friendly or social. They decided to keep the two cats separated until the newcomer settled into his new home.

Image Source: sbailes via Imgur


“First thing was first, I had to change that name,” she wrote of Bruiser. “This cat wasn’t mean, he wasn’t a fighter.”

“He was an old soul in a young kitten,” she continued. “I felt that renaming him Morrie would be perfect. It’s such an old man’s name and it’s also from my favorite book of all time, Tuesdays With Morrie.”

Image Source: sbailes via Imgur


The once-shy shelter cat was affectionate with his new family that very first day, despite signs that he’d had a tough life – he only had 10 teeth and was underweight.

After about two weeks, Morrie was feeling comfortable in his home, so they decided that it was time for him and his new brother to meet.

Image Source: sbailes via Imgur


As it turned out, the sweet and affectionate Morrie brought out a softer side of Cheeto!

“When [Cheeto] and Morrie were introduced, he turned into another cat. Cheeto made a full 180-turn,” sbailes posted. “The brothers get along so well now, they love cuddles and bathing each other.”

Image Source: sbailes via Imgur


Over the weeks, Morrie has gained weight and his wonderful personality is really shining through. He’s got his fair share of quirks, like taking naps in the sink!

Image Source: sbailes via Imgur


“I just love him so much,” his mom wrote.

We’re so glad that Morrie and his new family love each other so much. It looks like this gorgeous gray and white kitty found the purrfect family members to love him, both two- and four-legged!

(h/t: sbailes via Imgur)