This Cat Is Looking For A Family To Love Him… AND His 2 Noses!

One-year-old Memphis was down on his luck.

Born with two noses, the special kitty had a family for the first year of his life, until they could no longer care for him. He was surrendered to a shelter in Salem, Massachusetts, where he was nearing the top of the euthanasia list — and that’s when his luck finally changed.

The nearby Odd Cat Sanctuary pulled Memphis from death row and took him in with open arms. There, they discovered that the two-nosed wonder just wanted what every other cat does: someone to love!

Memphis’ facial abnormalities give him no trouble at all. He can breathe and smell through both noses, with just some small side effects: he breathes a little louder than most cats, and sometimes he snores. (But let’s be  honest – don’t we all?)

This kitty makes other loud noises, too — he loves to purr! Memphis soaks up affection whenever he can get it, and he’s not shy about letting everyone know when he’s very, very pleased.

This sweetheart doesn’t have a forever home yet, but it certainly won’t be long. He’s got over 4,500 fans on his Instagram page that can’t get enough of his uniquely sweet face.

While he’s not up for adoption at the moment, he will be soon. Follow him on Instagram @memphis2noseoddcat and like The Odd Cat Sanctuary on Facebook to stay up to date! Maybe Memphis’ story will inspire you to adopt a special kitty in your own home town!


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