They Rescued A Stray Kitten To Find Him A Home… But Their Cat Decided He Had To Stay!

Everyone who lives with a cat knows that they’re the ones who make all the rules! This was the case for Reddit user todontblink, whose opinionated ginger tabby decided that the new stray kitten they were taking care of had already found his forever home. Todontblink explained in a post that they found the black and white kitty on a country road. Cars were dodging him, but no one else decided to stop and save him. So, the poster pulled over and … Read more

Blind Cat & Her Earless Son Are Looking For A Special Forever Home

When residents of East Grinstead in England noticed two cats in need of rescuing, they called the RSPCA for help. The two kitties have been named Rachel and Ross, since they are best F.R.I.E.N.D.S., as well as mother and son. It was evident that Rachel was blind when concerned locals saw her bumping into things, and noticed that she seemed to scared to leave the garden where they were found. Ross, on the other hand, had severe wounds on his … Read more

Shelter Hopes To Find Bonded Cat and Dog Duo A Home For The Holidays

Are you considering giving a pet a forever home for the holidays? How about two? This adorable cat and dog pair has been inseparable since they were found in late October, wandering along a highway in Kentucky. They were spotted by a good Samaritan who pulled over to rescue the strays, but had trouble getting the little black Chihuahua into the car until he knew his tabby friend was coming too. Once they managed to snag both, the two were … Read more

Adventurous Dog & Cat Love Exploring The Outdoors Together

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend love hiking in the Colorado wilderness, and back in 2014, they added a four-legged friend to the family. A brown and white puppy captured the heart of Bennett at an adoption event, even though she had her sights set on getting a Golden Retriever mix. But when the 3 1/2 month old mutt trotted over to her, she knew he was meant to be theirs. “He just curled up into my lap and went belly … Read more

Quirky Kitty Dubbed “Count Catula” Finally Finds A Home For The Holidays

Count Catula – also known as Raphael – wasn’t the luckiest at finding a forever home. In 2015, the toothy black cat landed at the RSPCA after his owner passed away, and was 7 years old at the time. Not only did the color of his coat work against him (black cats are still, sadly,less likely to get adopted than fairer felines), but he was a senior as well. He spent over a year at the shelter until he finally … Read more

This Sanctuary Is Dedicated To “Odd” Cats Because All Cats Are Special

Imagine a world where cats aren’t discarded for any reason, where people give them the same consideration they would give a person, and “broken” means “beautiful.” This is the world that Odd Cat Sanctuary hopes to create! Odd Cat Sanctuary began as a small rescue by cat enthusiast and vet tech Tara. She hoped to build a haven for cats no one wanted, and to be an advocate for the ones who were old, sick, or otherwise considered “unadoptable.” Although … Read more

Shelter Cat Insists On Being Adopted With Her Favorite Blanket

In April, Poppy was an emaciated, sick stray cat brought to RSPCA Stapely Grange in Nantwich, Cheshire in the UK. Six months later, her health has improved, but she’s still looking for the purrfect home with her new best friend – a Peppa Pig blanket she loves to hide under. Poppy has a special affinity for this blanket in particular, and since no other blanket seems to make her feel as safe and secure, it will go with her to … Read more

Couple Includes Newly-Adopted 35-Pound Cat In Their Wedding Photos

Vito the cat, formerly known as Symba, made headlines in June when he was surrendered to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., weighing 35 pounds. His owner was moving into a retirement home and couldn’t bring the cat with him. Vito was then adopted by Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin. They soon started a Facebook page, Symba the tubby tabby, to chronicle Vito/Symba’s new life and weight loss journey. Berkeley and Sorkin were disappointed that Simba couldn’t be in their July … Read more

This Cat’s Quirky Habit Helped Him Find His Forever Home

One of the special things about cats is that every single one of them is unique, and the silly kitty in this story is no exception! Sigmund was 3 years old when he found himself in the Cat Haven WA shelter in Shenton Park, Western Australia. But despite being homeless, this spirited cat wasn’t afraid to show his true colors soon after being taken into their care. Lovingly described as a “nutter” on the shelter’s Facebook page, Sigmund’s caretakers noticed … Read more

Police Officer Finds Stowaway Kitten & It’s Love At First Sight

In Mount Juliet, Tennessee, a police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when she rescued a tiny stowaway! When Officer Porter heard mysterious meows coming from somewhere in her cruiser, she didn’t hesitate to investigate. After looking under the car, she noticed a tiny furball wedged near the axel.     That’s not the end of the story, though; the officer fell in love with the kitten, and decided to adopt him!   We’d say that this … Read more