Man Rescues Kitten And Just A Few Days Later Kitty Returns The Favor By Rescuing Him

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on February 9, 2016

When Glen Schallman adopted a black cat from the Humane Society of North Texas, (HSNT) he knew he was saving a life…but little did he know that his new pet was about to save his in return!

When he went to visit the cats at the HSNT this January, 1-year-old Blake immediately caught his attention.

“This little boy and I bonded…He was meowing, trying to get the [shelter worker’s] attention, like, ‘get me out of here!'” said Blake to The Huffington Post

Image Source: Glen Schallman


Maybe Blake sensed that the onlooker needed him.

Since he was five, Schallman has been living with seizures. Sometimes, he seizes in his sleep. When this happens, he stops breathing, and he’s even afraid that after one of these episodes, he may not wake up.

Schallman noted that his new kitten companion was immediately perceptive to his condition. When he had minor seizures, “[Blake would] start patting me on my arm,” said Schallman to The Huffington Post.

And after spending a night or two in his new home, Blake was able to sense when something went terribly wrong.

Schallman awoke to his new kitten’s teeth clamped around his toe, and he quickly realized that he’d been having one of his nocturnal seizures.

The cat-dad is convinced that, without Blake’s warning, it could have been his last.

Image Source: Glen Schallman


Schallman is grateful, but is no stranger to this phenomenon: he has another black cat named Boo Boo Kitty who exhibited the same sensitivity to his seizures from an early age. Now fourteen, she is still living with her owner.

Boo Boo
Boo Boo on her 14th birthday. Image Source: Glen Schallman


Since then, this amazing story has gone viral! Looks like Blake is doing well with all the attention!

Image Source: Glen Schallman


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Special thanks to Glen Schallman for letting us share this story!