9 Reasons Why Life Is Better With Cats

Cat lovers don’t need to know the reasons why life is better with cats (it just is!), but it’s still fun to think about some of the things we enjoy most about living with them. While we can all agree that having a feline friend makes every day brighter, the reasons why may differ… and that’s okay! Below are 9 of our favorites – is yours on the list? If not, share what you appreciate most about your cat in the comments below! 1. Our cats … Read more

Vet Refused To Euthanize Paralyzed Cat After Seeing “The Joy Of Life” In His Eyes

Mr. Chat is a “French disabled cat” living in Paris, France with quite a story to tell. Since his life was spared, this resilient white and tabby kitty has made sure to live life to the fullest! As a kitten, Mr. Chat tragically fell out of a fourth story window. When his former owner realized that his back legs were paralyzed, they took him to the vet – to be euthanized. Luckily, the doctor refused to perform the task and … Read more

From The Vet: 3 Easy Hacks To Help Your Cat Live Her Best Life

Cat owners make lots of decisions for their cats, from what they eat to how much they sleep. We all have the same joys and the same concerns. We are also only human and we love to find the “easy button.” We want to know secrets and tips and that is where the term “hack” was born. There are a few easy hacks that you can do to make your cat’s life easier and better…maybe even save it! 1. Filter their … Read more

The Hilarious Differences Between Life With Cats & Life Without Them

Many cat lovers can barely remember a time (if at all!) before they had feline friends in their lives. Even if you’ve had cats around since you were a little kid, you know that they make your life a little extra… quirky. But of course, you wouldn’t have it any other way! The hilarious video below shows how cats change certain aspects of our lives, from when we brush our teeth in the morning to when we go to bed at night. … Read more

Two Ginger Tabby Kittens Were Once Abandoned…Now They’re Living A Life Of Bliss

When Moscow-dweller Anya Yukhtina stumbled upon two orange kittens that had been abandoned in a garden, she decided to take them in and care for them, herself. Only a few days old, the brothers had to be fed every four hours and kept snuggly in blankets. A photo posted by Anya Yukhtina (@anyagrapes) on Jun 23, 2015 at 9:44am PDT Now older and healthy, it looks like the lucky gingers have found themselves in kitty heaven! A photo posted by … Read more

Build Your Cat A Better Life: DIY Projects For Any Skill Set!

We love our cats to the moon and back, and are always looking for ways to make them happy. But keeping a curious kitty occupied and out of trouble can be a little tricky sometimes! If your cat could use a new hobby or a cleaner way to do his business, check out these awesome, affordable projects below. Whether you’re happily handy or a crafty klutz, there are instructions for all skill sets, from one cute kitten (“no skill required”) to … Read more

Man Rescues Kitten And Just A Few Days Later Kitty Returns The Favor By Rescuing Him

When Glen Schallman adopted a black cat from the Humane Society of North Texas, (HSNT) he knew he was saving a life…but little did he know that his new pet was about to save his in return! When he went to visit the cats at the HSNT this January, 1-year-old Blake immediately caught his attention. “This little boy and I bonded…He was meowing, trying to get the [shelter worker’s] attention, like, ‘get me out of here!’” said Blake to The Huffington Post.    Maybe … Read more