9 Reasons Why Life Is Better With Cats


Cat lovers don’t need to know the reasons why life is better with cats (it just is!), but it’s still fun to think about some of the things we enjoy most about living with them. While we can all agree that having a feline friend makes every day brighter, the reasons why may differ… and that’s okay!

Below are 9 of our favorites – is yours on the list? If not, share what you appreciate most about your cat in the comments below!

1. Our cats give us purpose.

Whether you’ve had a good or bad day, accomplished lots or are struggling with something, our cats love us all the same. We are the center of their universe – even if their affection must be on their terms sometimes!

2. They make us laugh.

Without a doubt, having a cat around means you smile and laugh a lot more than if you didn’t! Whether your kitty has hilarious quirks or loves getting into mischief, we can’t help but giggle at the silly things they do!

3. They help us “unplug” from our busy lives.

In our busy, technology-filled lives, our kitties remind us of the simple pleasures in life. No amount of money or material items can bring us the same joy as a four-legged friend. So when our cats want to play and we have to put our phones away, we’re reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment.

4. Feline affection makes our hearts full.

Cats don’t give their love to just anybody, so when they purr at our feet or climb into our laps, it is pure and genuine. Kitties make our hearts full and our lives complete.

5. They’re the best company. 

Just because they don’t speak in “human words” doesn’t mean they don’t make great company! Lots of cats like to chat, and the very presence of a purring buddy can stave off loneliness, any day.

6. And the coziest nap buddies.

Anyone who’s ever caught some shut-eye with a soft, snuggly cat will tell you it’s true!

7. Cats have wonderful intuition.

They can sense the character or needs of a person, detect illness, and even perceive inclement weather. If your cat’s behavior is “telling” you something about a person or situation, you should listen!

8. And they’re therapeutic.

Kitties have a healing presence. The sound of purring is calming, and so is stroking your cat’s soft fur. Many nurturing cats tend to be especially attentive to those who need it most… and we love them for that.

9. But most of all, their love and loyalty is unconditional.

Our cats love us, all day, every day, no matter what. Even if we care for, spoil, and love them until their last day, we can never truly pay them back for all that they’ve brought to our lives!

Written by Karen Harris

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