From The Vet: 3 Easy Hacks To Help Your Cat Live Her Best Life

| Published on January 7, 2017

Cat owners make lots of decisions for their cats, from what they eat to how much they sleep. We all have the same joys and the same concerns. We are also only human and we love to find the “easy button.” We want to know secrets and tips and that is where the term “hack” was born. There are a few easy hacks that you can do to make your cat’s life easier and better…maybe even save it!

1. Filter their water.

This seems a little bit excessive. (Trust me, I know, my husband thinks I am off the deep end), but tap water in some areas and bottled water that is stored in plastic can contain endocrine disrupters. The endocrine system is the body system comprised of glands, which produce hormones that help to balance many metabolic processes. For example, hyperthyroidism is a common disease among cats. You can minimize risk from tap and bottled water by buying a water filter.  Mine sits on my countertop and I refill it daily. The filters must be changed every few months or so. Here are some options (Pur water filters), but there are many brands, and you have to find the size and type that makes life easy for you.

2. Boil and Freeze (DIY treats).

Cats are so complex and different from us.  Things that seem tasty to a cat might not to us and vice versa. I love being able to spoil my cat, but I don’t love the chemical ingredients in some cat treats. I know that my cats are carnivores (in fact, they are super carnivores), and I want to give them healthy and enticing treats. So I boil chicken. I add no spices, just chicken and filtered water.  Then I let it cool and shred it into tiny pieces. The pieces go into my freezer in a resealable container. When I am ready to spoil my cat, I set some of them out. She loves them and gets a lean protein source in very small quantities.  Lean chicken shreds that I made myself are a safe and easy treat option.

Take a Walk On The Wild Side (provide enrichment toys).

Our cats still have a little bit of “wild” inside. They are not too far genetically from their wild ancestors and they need to chase and hunt.  They are at their best when they can stalk and pounce. Exercise helps them feel more balanced and healthy.  The best way to get her moving is to play with her, but sometimes we need a shortcut.  There are pre-made options (click here) and homemade ones. Cats love boxes and discarded plastic bottles can roll around and dispense treats. Take a look in your recycle bin and see if anything there has potential!

Take time to make these simple changes. You may never know the tears that these three easy hacks might save you.

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