Cat Needs Her Space & Pushes Clingy Dog Away


Cats and dogs need not be mortal enemies. When the two are properly socialized, they can get along just fine, and they can even be the best of friends.

However, there are times when the dog can get very annoying. Cats need their beauty rest, and some dogs do not understand that cats need their space. Just like what happened in the video below.

This cat is peacefully resting on the bed, and then suddenly a small dog jumps up and sleeps beside her. Watch the video below and see what this cat does to tell the dog that she needs her space!

LOL! Come on, dog. Give the kitty a break. Give her the space and the privacy to get her beauty rest!

Hmmm…This dog seems to be enjoying the massage he’s getting from the cat’s paws!

Does your dog and cat behave like this too? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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