Stray Cat That’s Too Friendly To Live On The Streets Desperately Needs A Forever Home

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on June 8, 2017

Balzac is a social kitty who was too friendly for his own good while living as a stray. With his gentle temperament, it was easy for the other cats to bully him.

So when one scuffle lead to a bite that ballooned into an infected abscess, a woman named Anke saw the injured kitty and stepped in to help.

Image Source: Anke


She wrote on Facebook.

“While he lived on the streets, other neighborhood cats would try and bully him – but having the sweet disposition he does, Balzac would simply walk away from that negative energy! However, it was clear one of the cats bit him, and that turned into an ugly abscess.”

When Anke saw Balzac suffering near her Oakland, California home, she knew she had to do something. So, she scooped up Balzac and took him to the vet.

There, Balzac had abscess removal surgery, was treated for fleas, and got neutered. But there was one other health issue that the kitty had been dealing with: he was FIV+.

While many cats with FIV can go on to lead long, healthy lives, the streets are no place for a feline with this condition, which affects the immune system and can be transmitted through bite wounds.

Image Source: Anke


Although Anke could not keep Balzac at her home due to severe allergies, her friend agreed to foster him while he recovers. However, the kitty’s time there is limited, and Anke is desperately searching for a new caregiver for Balzac.

She told iHeartCats:

“My friend can only keep him until next week. Balzac is FIV+ and it will most likely take awhile to find him an adopter. We are urgently looking for a longer-term foster until he has found his forever home.”

Anke said that taking the lovable kitty to the shelter is a last resort, since he may be there for a long time… or worse, be put on the euthanasia list.

“I have tried every avenue, posted everywhere, contacted rescue groups, but no one has come forward yet,” she said.

Anke is not currently affiliated with a rescue organization, but says she used to volunteer and foster, until her allergies interfered too much. Still, she won’t stop working hard to find the deserving cat a home.

Image Source: Anke


“He is very mild-mannered and does not demand one’s attention (having lived outdoors he just didn’t get into the habit of having expectations from a human, or so we believe),” Anke explained. “If you give your attention to him though, he melts into your lap.”

“When he was handled at the vet, when we put his cone on, when he was in pain, when we forced his pain meds into his mouth, he NEVER once lifted his paw to fight or defend himself.”

This gentle sweetheart is 2-3 years old and would do best in a home as the only cat or with other friendly felines. He should also stay indoors, since his immune system is compromised.

But despite what he’s been through, Anke says that Balzac is “very brave and curious.”

“Moments after being released at his current foster’s place, instead of hiding, he immediately started to explore every corner of the room. He then proceeded towards the mirror, and stood there for a good minute staring at himself, probably wondering what this weird thing around his neck was…”


Balzac is in Oakland, California. If you think you could provide a long-term foster or forever family for Balzac, or you’re affiliated with a rescue that could take him in, contact Anke by emailing her at:

You can also check out the kitty’s online profile by clicking here.

Thanks to Anke for not giving up on this special cat!