Shy Rescue Cat’s Favorite Stuffed Animal Is Now Being Snuggled By Her Surprise Kittens

When Sterre, who lives in the Netherlands, first adopted Minous, it took her a little while to come out of her shell. The 3-year-old Maine Coon/Birmese cross hadn’t come from the happiest home. “In the beginning, Minous was very shy and scared, but she got attached pretty quickly and started to sleep in my room,” Sterre explained to iHeartCats. To keep her calm and happy, the cat mom gave Minous some snuggly stuffed animals, which were her departed cat’s favorite … Read more

Police Officer Finds Stowaway Kitten & It’s Love At First Sight

In Mount Juliet, Tennessee, a police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when she rescued a tiny stowaway! When Officer Porter heard mysterious meows coming from somewhere in her cruiser, she didn’t hesitate to investigate. After looking under the car, she noticed a tiny furball wedged near the axel.     That’s not the end of the story, though; the officer fell in love with the kitten, and decided to adopt him!   We’d say that this … Read more

The Best And Worst Spots In Your Home For Your Cat’s Litter Box

Certainly cats have preferences about what types of litter and what styles of litter box they prefer, but did you know that the location of the litter box can have a big impact on whether or not your cat decides to use it? Some cats are good sports and will use it wherever you put it, but if your cat has litter box issues and a clean bill of health, you may want to try moving it to see if … Read more

Cops Rescue Kitten Who’s “Playing In Traffic”

On the Fourth of July, one tiny ginger kitten found himself in a scary situation before being rescued from a kind driver and some cops! Officer Austin Kidd of Arlington, Texas was just leaving a call when he noticed a driver trying to get his attention near a vehicle that was parked in traffic. The officer assumed that the car had stalled, but as it turned out, it was stopped so that it wouldn’t run over a kitten! The terrified … Read more

Kitten Mills Are A Real Thing, And With Your Help, We Can Stop Them

Most people know about puppy mills. They may think they are “rescuing” a puppy from a mill by buying from a pet shop (they’re not), but at least they’re aware of the problem. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about kitten mills. Few people are aware of the existence of kitten mills and the terrible conditions cats are forced to live in for the sake of producing kittens that usually have more health problems than the average cat. Just like … Read more

Firefighter Adopts Kitten He Rescued From A Bird’s Nest

A kitten in Brigg, England who was found in a bird’s nest 20 feet up a tree has a new home with the firefighter who rescued him. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) were called after the kitten had been thought to be alone in the tree for 24 hours. They decided they needed the help of Humberside Fire and Rescue to reach the stranded ginger cat.   Carol Smith, animal collection officer for the RSPCA, said: … Read more

Good Samaritans Work Together To Save “Free” Kitten Found In Box

When Imgur user tireddad1967‘s wife saw an unsettling Facebook post, she knew that she had the chance to save a little life. A woman had posted that she’d stumbled upon a box that had been left outside on a stifling June day. It read “Free to anybody that wants her (:” in permanent marker, as if whoever left it thought they were offering a generous gift to a lucky passer-by.   But their actions were irresponsible and cruel, because what … Read more

Kitten Is Dirty But Safe After She’s Rescued From A Sooty Chimney

When Lola’s humans couldn’t find her, they started to panic. But when they started hearing little meows coming from inside their chimney, the mystery was solved! The kitten had not been in her home in Liverpool long when she went missing. After four days, her family began to fear for the worst. Luckily, Lola was in close proximity the whole time – but she was completely inaccessible! In the unfamiliar environment, the kitty had found a place to hide, behind … Read more

Grateful Kitten Keeps Nuzzling The Cyclist Who Rescued Her

It’s no surprise that Viitor Fonseca, a professional cyclist from Brazil, can ride fast. But luckily, he wasn’t going too fast to overlook an abandoned kitten in need when he was on a ride last week. Fonseca pulled over to pick up the baby, who’s future would’ve been uncertain if she was left on her own. But with no backpack or basket to place her in, there was only one option: his shirt! So, he pulled down the zipper and tucked the kitten … Read more

Foster Kitten Who Defied Death Learns The Ropes From Her Dog Friend

Suzie, an 8-year-old Boxer, is used to bestowing her gentle wisdom on foster kittens. But one particular tabby named Tina Merlot holds a special place in her heart. Suzie’s human, Kelly Hartman, has been fostering kittens in her Ohio home for the past several years. Although her initial plan was to foster a pup to keep Suzie company, the Boxer ended up having a soft spot for felines!   Kelly recalled: “I went into the local shelter to foster a dog … Read more