Kitten Is The Subject Of Some Of The Best “Baby Photos” We’ve Ever Seen!

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on June 7, 2016

Photographer Cassie Borcherding of Storybook Moments Photography has an eye for capturing beautiful family moments with her camera. So it was only natural that she should use her skills to photograph the family’s newest addition: an adorable kitten!

According to Scary Mommy, the family’s newest “baby” was a stray who had moseyed into their garage. When their search for an owner turned up empty, Borcherding and her 4-year-old daughter decided to adopt the kitten, naming her Elsa. (We’re thinking the little girl wholeheartedly approved of this name!)

“We have a new addition to our family. Of course I couldn’t resist doing newborn photos of little Elsa when my daughter asked,” the photographer posted on Facebook.

Well, this photographer’s got one smart 4-year-old because the resulting pictures were a huge success!

“I’ll admit, the kitten was so much easier to photograph than an actual newborn baby. She’s very cuddly and once I got her wrapped up she purred the entire time,” Borcherding confessed to Scary Mommy.

Facebook fans of Storybook Moments were understandably smitten with this sleepy (and playful!) little kitten–and so are we! Check out more of Cassie Borcherding’s work on the Storybook Moments Facebook page.

(h/t: Scary Mommy)