These 8 Foster Kittens Have The ‘Sweetest’ Names To Match Their Precious Personalities

Casey Christopher (aka, Casey Elise) is a Los Angeles-based photographer who takes photos of shelter cats on a volunteer basis. She’s also the proud new foster mom to a cat named Ambrosia and her litter of 8 kittens, and is documenting their progress through pictures. These adorable little babies have the perfect names because they’re all inspired by sweet goodies: Marshmallow, Oreo, Biscotti, Peanut, Tiramisu, Cupcake, Buttercup, and Brownie. The kittens are less than a month old, and are still being doted on by their loving … Read more

Cat Shows Incredible Patience & Affection To His Human Baby Brother

When people are pet parents before they have human babies, they’re often concerned how their furry family members will react once their new bundle of joy comes along. “They were not sure how their adopted cat would react to their baby,” reads the caption on this video, posted by BoredPandaAnimals. But as it turns out, these parents had nothing to fear because cat Lemsie is absolutely in love with his new baby brother! In the video, you’ll see how the baby … Read more

Watch How This Cat Gives A Rejected Baby Monkey The Warmth He Needed

Are you ready to watch one of the cutest animal adoption videos you’ve ever seen? When this Squirrel Monkey was born in a zoo in Tyumen, Russia, he was rejected by his family. Alone in the world, he would’ve faced certain death, but luckily, this kitty happily adopted him! Since the baby is sensitive to being cold, this luxuriously fluffy cat became the purrfect parent for this sweet little monkey! He even hitches a ride on his foster feline’s coat so that they can … Read more

Kitten Is The Subject Of Some Of The Best “Baby Photos” We’ve Ever Seen!

Photographer Cassie Borcherding of Storybook Moments Photography has an eye for capturing beautiful family moments with her camera. So it was only natural that she should use her skills to photograph the family’s newest addition: an adorable kitten! According to Scary Mommy, the family’s newest “baby” was a stray who had moseyed into their garage. When their search for an owner turned up empty, Borcherding and her 4-year-old daughter decided to adopt the kitten, naming her Elsa. (We’re thinking the little girl wholeheartedly approved of this … Read more

The Magnificats – Meet Rocky’s Babies!

Britain’s most famous internet cats, The Magnificent 7 Cats have been blogging on for about a year; you might have seen us around. After 3 years, we’ve decided that it’s time to change our name. Rocky, Prince, Junior, Ugs, Princess Pixie, Tom and Norman are now: You might remember that Rocky, The Magnificats’ in-house tough-guy, likes to spend time away from home, usually a few hours a day. On one occasion, Rocky disappeared for several days. We were frantic, searching … Read more

Sweet Cat Snuggled With Her Before She Was Even Born…And Hasn’t Stopped!

Pitocha, an eight-year-old Ragdoll cat, was rescued by his human when he was still a kitten. Ever since then, he has been a mama’s boy. And when his beloved mom was pregnant, he became even more attached to her. Pitocha loved to cuddle with his mommy’s pregnant belly. Instagram user animalilo told LoveMeow that Pitocha was was all over her and wouldn’t leave her belly. He snuggles right up to her every time. A photo posted by @animalilo on Nov 3, … Read more

11 Animals That Love Cats As Much As We Do!

You are proudly a self-proclaimed cat person, and for good reason: cats are clever, curious, intelligent, and independent. There’s no doubt that the people who love them truly appreciate these qualities–and probably possess them, themselves! For us cat-lovers, there are few feelings as gratifying as getting affection from a cat because you know full well that it’s earned, and that makes you feel extra-special. But we humans aren’t the only ones who can have this special bond with a cat. As it turns out, … Read more

Cat In Russia Rescues Abandoned Baby From Freezing To Death

Cats have incredible instincts, and mama cats can be some of the greatest mothers of all. We’ve seen many relationships where female cats have kicked their instincts into overdrive, and proven to us all that a mother’s love truly has no bounds. Recently in Obinsk, Russia, Masha the longhaired tabby cat was just doing her thing on one of her routine outings, when she suddenly began to draw attention from the neighbors around the home where she lives. Irina Lavrova, 68, … Read more

11 Signs Your Cat Might Actually Be Your “Baby”

 There comes a time in many feline-lover’s lives when their cat becomes more than a pet, not “just” a cat, and most certainly part of the family. When your kitty nuzzles your neck or gazes up at you with those big, curious eyes, you can’t help but melt. Here are 11 signs that you love your kitty like she’s your baby. 1. It all starts with her first toy. It becomes her favorite, and she looks so cute while snuggling her … Read more