Cat In Russia Rescues Abandoned Baby From Freezing To Death

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 18, 2015

Cats have incredible instincts, and mama cats can be some of the greatest mothers of all. We’ve seen many relationships where female cats have kicked their instincts into overdrive, and proven to us all that a mother’s love truly has no bounds. Recently in Obinsk, Russia, Masha the longhaired tabby cat was just doing her thing on one of her routine outings, when she suddenly began to draw attention from the neighbors around the home where she lives.

Irina Lavrova, 68, was the one who heard Masha’s cries… which startled her as the cat seemed to sound in distress. Irina began searching for the friendly kitty, only to gasp when she found Masha curled up in a box…beside a baby! Masha had found this poor, abandoned child, who could have frozen if not for her body heat keeping the baby warm. Quickly the police were called, and the three-month-old baby was rushed to the emergency room via ambulance.


Masha has become somewhat of a local hero in the area of town where she lives, and her family, as well as others, has been spoiling her with lots of her favorite foods.

Irina said: “Everyone in the block is very proud of her and we have all spoilt her rotten by giving her her favourite food.”

This is one incredible mother cat who will forever be a guardian angel to a little boy who needed a miracle. Share this incredible act of a mother’s love with your friends!