Kitten Saved From Conveyor Belt In Recycling Center Just In The Nick Of Time!

Tony Miranda, an employee at a Northern California recycling center spotted something wriggling among the trash he was sorting out. To his surprise, he found an adorable, pink-nosed kitten among the trash and debris being carried by the conveyor belt. The kitten was just moments away from falling into the trash compactor. Tony quickly grabbed the kitten, saving it from certain death.

Source: Vuz TV - YouTube
Source: Vuz TV – YouTube

Employees have no idea how the kitten got there and how it survived the journey from the trash, to the dump truck, and ended up at the recycling center.

Watch the video below for the full story!

This kitty is a survivor! After she was found, she was taken to the vet where she was checked. Heather Garcia, the site supervisor, decided to keep the kitty and named her Murphy.

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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