Sweet Cat Snuggled With Her Before She Was Even Born…And Hasn’t Stopped!


Pitocha, an eight-year-old Ragdoll cat, was rescued by his human when he was still a kitten. Ever since then, he has been a mama’s boy. And when his beloved mom was pregnant, he became even more attached to her.

Pitocha loved to cuddle with his mommy’s pregnant belly. Instagram user animalilo told LoveMeow that Pitocha was was all over her and wouldn’t leave her belly. He snuggles right up to her every time.

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Pitocha snuggles and cuddles with his mom’s belly all day, every day.

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When his human had her first baby, Pitocha was like this too. And he has been a very good babysitter to his human’s first daughter. And now that she’s expecting another baby, he’s doing the same thing.

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When the baby was born, Pitocha wouldn’t leave her side. He always watches over her.

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Just look at that face! Pitocha is definitely very protective of the baby!

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Here he is guarding over the baby again. What a cute guard-cat!

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As always, Pitocha loves to cuddle with the baby. After all, he’s been by her side before she was even born.

A photo posted by @animalilo on

He is just so in love with the baby! Check out the video below!

A video posted by @animalilo on

Awwww…that’s true love! What a sweet cat you are, Pitocha!

A photo posted by @animalilo on

You can see more photos and videos of Pitocha at his human’s Instagram account.

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Written by Nicolette Mansueto

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