Vito The Cat Is A Superstar With His Prosthetic Legs

Vito the cat is the first feline in Italy to receive prosthetics after an accident caused the loss of his hind legs. His story first garnered media attention in his native Sicily and soon the tale of the ‘bionic cat’ spread around the world. Though a small town kitty hailing from San Vito Lo Capo, Vito is known around the internet as #vituzzosuperstar. Vituzzo is the 6-year-old orange tabby’s full name, but at home, he’s known simply as Vito. @vituzzosuperstar/Instagram … Read more

The Chimera Cat So Striking, You Can’t Look Away

What does the word ‘chimera’ mean? In mythology, a chimera is a fierce beast composed of a lion, goat, and snake. Fearsome and majestic to behold, but not the definition we’re looking for… Let’s turn instead to the term ‘chimera’ as its applies to cats, which presents a far cuddlier option than the monster of Greek legend. You’ve seen them before. Felines with faces toned in drastic and hard-drawn color differences. The unusual beauties  are referred to as chimera and … Read more

Microchip Makes For Miracle Reunion

Christmas came early and in the shape of a miracle for Georgia truck driver, Matthew, and his good buddy, Ashes. A smoky gray cat, Ashes rides with Matthew on his long-haul trips. Together, the pair keeps comfy in Matthew’s eighteen-wheeler, making back and forth trips from their home in Georgia to wherever Matthew’s routes take them. This past summer, on a stop in Springfield, Ohio, Ashes slipped out of the cab while the truck sat parked at a Love’s … Read more

“Southern Gentleman” Ginger Cat Says “Well, Hi!”

Gambino Bambino is a sensation around the world thanks to his Southern drawl. A post to TikTok by Gambino’s mom, Tawny, revealed the ginger tabby’s sugar-coated accent and the world can’t stop watching. In the video, Gambino spies his mom with her camera and dashes out of view. As cat moms are wont to do, Tawny follows with the camera and catches him peering around the corner. Plain as day, Gambino looks to the camera and says, “Well, hi!” @gambino_911/Instagram … Read more

Tissy Water Kitty Loves A Refreshing Dip

Cats hate water…right? Tissy the Maine Coon is dispelling this thought. Water Kitty/Facebook Like tigers, her wild cousins, Tissy loves a good swim. She’s one of many cat breeds who don’t mind a dip. According to Pawsome Cats, the list of water-loving cat breeds is surprisingly long: Bengal, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Abyssinian, Savannah, Snowshoe, Manx, and the Maine Coon. Tissy is a Maine Coon which means in addition to her enjoyment of water, her body size is larger than … Read more

Caring Woman Shocked To Discover Rescued Kitten Is Actually A Wild Puma

Cats can sure mimic their wild, big cat cousins sometimes, stalking prey with the eye of a tiger or running down a toy like a cheetah. Kittens can be adorably wild too, just like little wildcat cubs. But a woman in Argentina recently learned her kitten actually was a wildcat. A puma jaguarundi to be exact. Argentina Animal Rescue Foundation/Facebook  On a beautiful day in the woods, Florencia Lobo and her brother discovered two kittens while fishing in the town … Read more

Tabby Kitten Goes for Accidental 20-Mile Joyride

Sometimes cats are too curious for their own good. Milo the kitten learned this the hard way when he became an accidental stowaway beneath his mom’s car. screenshot,  Jessica Mosher, Milo’s mom, had discovered the tabby kitten missing before going to work one morning and she posted to Facebook, asking for help in locating him. Joy Buckley Bylsma/Facebook Worried but out of time, Jessica and her daughter loaded up for the long drive to daycare and work. The family … Read more

Great News for Those with Cat Allergies, “HypoCat” Vaccine Could Quiet Your Sneezing

Do you love cats, but petting or cuddling them makes you sneezy? Your eyes get itchy? Maybe the throat gets scratchy and your heart breaks because you just want to hug allover felines. Well, your feline allergy woes may be near an end. An Injection Could Change Everything One in ten people suffer from cat allergies and that’s one in ten too many. Soon, a simple vaccination could bring the suffering to an end. Ten years in the making, “HypoCat” … Read more

Instagram Cat Creates Beautiful Ambient Music

Madison was just an ordinary, lazy cat until one day she discovered a hidden talent. She found a new spot to rest, but it ended up being right on top of her mom’s launchpad soundboard. To her mom’s surprise, Madison ended up creating a beautiful ambient sound, causing her to become a new Instagram star. Could this adorable cat be the next famous DJ? This amazing cat’s mom is a musical artist in Brooklyn, New York named QRTR. She always … Read more

George The Cat Goes On Solo Adventures On Trains And Buses

Many cat parents would likely be concerned if their cat was gone for hours on end, but for George the cat, this is just his normal routine. He is a seven-year-old tabby cat that loves going on adventures around Scotland. He has been spotted hopping on trains, buses, and even cars! His parents, Elizabeth and Dennis Royal don’t have a problem with George’s trips though. They say that he’s always been an adventurous cat. George’s Adventures George is a rescue … Read more