17 Most Vocal Cat Breeds That Love To Chat

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on September 25, 2017

Kitties all come with their own personalities and while some prefer a more silent lifestyle, others are vocal cats who love to chat!

With several cat breeds known for being super gabby, parents of these talkative cats know all too well, little felines with big voices can be very demanding. Day and night, these chatty kitty darlings share what’s on their minds with lots of meowing, chirping, and trilling! 

To some, this might sound like a nuisance. But we cat lovers find the racket rather endearing. We want to hear everything our cats have to say!

Have a look at these most talkative cat breeds and find out if your feline possesses the garrulous gift.

15 Most Vocal Cat Breeds

#1 – Siamese

vocal cat

The Siamese is one of the most widely recognized breeds thanks to their unique markings, but also because of their outgoing personalities. They are highly intelligent and social cats, known for being somewhat dog-like and even enjoying games of fetch with their owners. Siamese are so vocal they are often compared to human babies as they will cry to demand attention from their humans. If you’ve ever heard the Siamese caterwaul, you know what we’re talking about! 

#2 – Sphynx

most vocal cat breeds

The Sphynx is renowned for its lack of a coat and unique appearance. But did you know, this ‘hairless’ cat isn’t really naked? Their skin has tiny, fine hairs which give them a feeling best described as rich velvet. Energetic and extroverted vocal cats, Sphynx kitties are known for greeting their owners or demanding attention using their voices. Although they might not look very cuddly, Sphynx cats are affectionate darlings who love to chat about their day as they hug their humans!

#3 – Maine Coon


Maine Coon cats have something to say about everything! These fluffy giants will meow, chirp, trill, and just about speak to you in fully understandable words. Their intelligence makes them extra curious and they might even follow you into the shower or bath to tell you about their findings.

#4 – Japanese Bobtail

talkative cats

What they lack in tail, the Japanese Bobtail makes up for in ability to gab. And these talkative cats love to be part of the family, so be sure to include them in any important conversations. They’ll certainly have opinions to offer. And if you’re planning you’re next trip, be sure to let your Bobtail help with the decision, most of them enjoy a road trip and will probably offer some solid suggestions!

#5 – American Bobtail

most vocal cat breeds

Like their eastern cousins, the American Bobtail has a short tail and love their families! The Japanese Bobtail babbles more than the American, but this sweetie still wants to snuggle in your lap and have a quiet conversation.

#6 – Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is a domesticated breed very similar to the Siamese, except these long, lean cats come in a variety of different coat colors and patterns. Very intelligent and athletic cats, the “rainbow cat” is known for being very vocal and prefers to live with other cats and humans so they always have buddies available for a good conversation. In addition to the Shorthair is the Oriental Longhair, the long-coated variety of the breed. Their temperaments are identical to that of the Shorthairs and you can expect lots of chatter!

#9 – Burmese

The Burmese is another cat that originated in Asia but was developed in Great Britain and the United States. They are noted for being very people-oriented, maintaining their kitten-like playfulness well into adulthood, and are often described as being similar to puppies. They enjoy playing games of fetch, cuddling with their people, and are very vocal about their wants and needs. Owners of Burmese know that these cats will let you know what is on their minds with their voices as well as their actions!

#10 – Bengal


Bring the wild home with a Bengal cat, but be ready! Energetic busy-bodies, the Bengal is a cat of high intelligence which means they have so many questions to ask about the world. Keep these little big cats entertained to keep their chattering from turning into bored screaming.

So many vocal cat breeds! Keep scrolling for more…

#11- Tonkinese

The Tonkinese was developed by crossbreeding Burmese with Siamese cats. Therefore, the result was a cat that was very playful and intelligent. Like its relatives, the Tonkinese is known for being rather vocal and somewhat demanding of human attention as they form strong bonds with their families. The breed is noted for being athletic, enjoying jumping and climbing to great heights inside their homes.

#12 – Ocicat

cats meow

Energy for days and a voice to match, this curious and talkative cat needs tons of stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Keep her busy with harness walks, toys, and lots of good chatter. Ocicats never meet strangers and will ask them everything! They don’t like to be alone either, so be ready to have a chatty catty at your side always.

#13 – Turkish Angora


Turkish Angoras are luxurious beauties with long, white coats and a noble bearing. Though they appear so regal, these kitties are impish! They love to entertain themselves, but this can lead to mischief. Don’t worry, this lovebug will tell you all about what they’ve done as they are one of the most vocal cat breeds.

#14 – Siberian

vocal cat breeds

These fluffy beauties have sweet, quiet voices, but they use them a lot! Playful and highly intelligent, Siberian cats may not be as loud as these other vocal cats, but they still have plenty to say. One thing a Siberian will tell you? “Be sure to give me all the toys, I love to play!”

#15 – Singapura

most talkative cats

Small cat, big mouth. Singapura cats are considered one of the smallest cat breeds, but that doesn’t mean this tiny kitty doesn’t have a lot to say. Their playful and curious nature sparkles in their eyes, so get ready to answer all their questions because Singapuras love to stay close to their families.

#16 – Manx

Another cat with an abbreviated tail that has a lot to say, the Stubbin cat has a distinct voice. The Manx typically meows with a rolling trill that gives them a unique way of telling you how much they love you! And don’t be surprised if your Manx likes to chatter from a perch on high. Coax your Rumpy down from the shelves with a play session where they can narrate the action.

#17 – Birman

most vocal cat breeds

This ‘Sacred Cat of Burma’ is as noble as he sounds and his fine white gloves speak to his elegance. These rare cats love their chosen person with ferocity and tend toward jealousy when not getting all the attention. Being a talkative cat, the Birman will tell you for sure if he’s feeling ignored. Be prepared to pamper this special kitty.

While these cat breeds are considered the most talkative, some kitties have the gift of gab regardless of their lineage. Some felines just love to talk. And we’re here to listen to every word they have to say!

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