11 Cat Breeds Who Don’t Mind Water Or Going For A Swim

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on September 29, 2020

What is one of the more common facts people know about cats? Felines don’t like water. And while it’s true most cats don’t care for bathing or swimming, there are some cat breeds that enjoy time spent in water. But why do cats generally dislike water?

Co-founder of Cat Person and foster parent to over a dozen cats who’ve since found their forever homes, Lambert Wang explained, “Cats groom themselves with constant regular licking, which stops oils from building up on their fur.”


Meaning they have their own built-in bathing mechanism which keeps them from needing the soap water showers that get humans clean. Unless they’ve gotten themselves involved in some sort of catastrophe of a mess, which is bound to happen from time to time thanks to cat curiosity.

But because cats don’t require much liquid for their bathing, “their coats are not very waterproof so they can get very cold and feel heavy when wet, which is why many of them don’t like it!”


There are domesticated felines who take after their big cat cousins and don’t mind a good dip though. “Cats that do like water may be those with more water-resistant fur, or those that had early exposure to water as kittens.”

These 11 cat breeds are those known to enjoy some water fun!

Eleven Cat Breeds that Like Water

#1 – Abyssinian


Georgia Veterinary Associates lists the Abyssinian as an “alert, curious, and busy” breed that loves to show off and has a propensity for escape. Their curious nature and intelligence make it no surprise this beautiful cat might enjoy investigating a water source. And during shedding season, these busy cats might just love a warm bath!

#2 – Bengal


Bengal cats love water, simple as that. These highly active cats love bath time, hanging by the pool, and might even follow you into the shower. To give a Bengal cat some much-craved time playing in water, Fluffy Planet recommends “Fill up the water tub up to a few inches and watch your kitten let it loose in the water.” Don’t let the water get too hot or too cold though!

#3 – Maine Coon


Another cat who will join you in the shower is the Maine Coon. These large fluffy cats “have thick, dense as well as water-resistant coats that can keep them warm in freezing temperatures, and keep them dry when walking through snow or ice,” according to Maine Coon Expert. So thanks to the waterproof fur, Maine Coons find water to be a fun adventure for their exploratory natures. Plus, these gentle giants have a natural “instinct to splash or swirl the water in their water bowls in order to check its freshness.”

#4 – Norwegian Forest Cat


These “fairy cats” are rumored to be the descendants of the mighty felines that kept rats at bay on Viking ships, but what has been proven about the Norwegian Forest Cat is their love of water. Their double-layered coats help to keep them dry when tempted by the occasional swim.

#5 – American Bobtail


When it comes to the American Bobtail cat, VetStreet.com warns of mischievousness, “Don’t be surprised if you find the American Bobtail dunking his toys in his water bowl. You’re going to have to stay on top of this busy cat who doesn’t find water to be a problem when its in their path!

#6 – Japanese Bobtail


Like their cousin the American Bobtail, the Japanese Bobtail also has a fascination with water. But you’ll find them a bit more reserved, maybe only dipping in a paw to investigate what they can find in your water glass. And because this playful cat is smart, “they can often turn on a water faucet by themselves to have their fun.”

#7 – Manx


The Manx cat hails from the Isle of Man and in their DNA, they remember padding the salty shores. Many people consider the Manx a cat for dog lovers thanks to their willingness to ride in cars and go for a swim.

#8 – Savannah Cat


Looking like their serval ancestors, Savannah cats love to swim as one way to keep entertained. Get this intelligent and high energy cat their own small wading pool to keep boredom at bay. You’ll think you have a mini-big cat pouncing around your place!

#9 – Turkish Angora


Drawn to the sound of running water, the Turkish Angora loves to swim. In fact, Adventure Cats reports, “Outdoor Turkish Angoras have even been known to paddle in shallow ponds and streams.” But don’t worry about their long, silky coats turning into a tangled mess. With regular combing, Turkish Angora cats will keep the silkiest of fur even if they can’t say out of the water!

#10 – Turkish Van


Native to Lake Van in Eastern Turkey, it makes sense the Turkish Van loves to swim. These silky coated fluffs are born swimmers thanks to long and lean bodies “with muscularly broad shoulders and chests”. But keep the bathroom door shut as these wily cats will flush toilets and turn on faucets.

#11 – Siberian Cat


Native to cold and snowy Russia, Siberian cats are suited to the climate “with their very dense, medium to long, water repellent triple coat,” according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association. And its a good thing they enjoy water play as their fluffy fur could benefit from bathing to keep it from tangling. Bath will be beneficial and fun for the Siberian.

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