Let’s Play A Game: Devious Feline Grin Or Sneezing Cat

When it comes to big sneezes, cats are some of the most dramatic sneezers you’ll ever offer a gesundheit.

And if you happen to have a camera handy at that purrfect moment to catch a kitty sneeze, you’ll wind up with some of the funniest photos worthy to save on your camera roll.

But some of those captures make a cat look as though he’s up to no good, a devious little grin perched on his kitty lips…

So, it inspired us to play a little game we like to call ‘Devious Feline Grin or Dramatic Cat Sneeze’.

Ready to play?

Devious Feline Grin or Dramatic Cat Sneeze

Grin or Sneeze?


Answer: Sneeze! The crisp air makes Ariel go, “ACHOO!”

Grin or Sneeze?

The Great Went Pet Photography/Facebook

Answer: Sneeze! In fact, this masterpiece of nasal tickles is entitled “Portrait of a Sneezing Cat”.

Sneeze or Grin?


Answer: Grin! A dreamsicle kitty advises, “Smile, and the world smirks back.”

Sneeze or Grin?

The Cat Doctor/Facebook

Answer: Sneeze! Look, it’s a Sia-sneeze cat!

Grin or Sneeze?


Answer: Sneeze! Penelope explains the situation, “My dude hooman caught me sneezing. I was embarrassed at first, but, who am I kidding, I’m fabulous. And look at those teeth!”

Sneeze or Grin?


Answer: Grin! With little fangs on display, a bat-eared kitten practices a devious grin.

Sneeze or Grin?


Answer: Grin! Madame Sploot says, “You can see my big girl teeth coming in on the bottom and one baby fang left to lose on the top! Then I’ll be a real tigress.” News worth grinning about!

Grin or Sneeze?


Answer: Grin! Rosy practices her best sly grin, asking, “How you doin’?”

Sneeze or Grin?

Peterson Farm Bros/Facebook

Answer: Sneeze! It’s another Sneez-a-meez!

Sneeze or Grin?


Answer: Grin! This Siamese isn’t sneezing, but instead, grins over some forming plan as he basks in the sun.

Grin or Sneeze?


Answer: Sneeze! Churro tells the tale, “Was posing beautifully but I sneezed…”

Sneeze or Grin?


Answer: Sneeze! Oz grumbles, “Caught me mid sneeze”.

Grin or Sneeze?

The Unlikely Candidates/Facebook

Answer: Sneezing! This is a tough one! This cat looks like he’s grinning hard, but really, something tickled his little nose.

On a serious note, if your cat is sneezing excessively or has increased nasal drainage, make an appointment with your cat’s veterinarian. But, if it’s only an occasional sneeze and you happen to have your camera ready, snap those hilarious photos!

Feature Image: @peepprincesspenelope/Instagram & The Great Went Pet Photography/Facebook

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