5 Cat Breeds From Russia

| Published on April 3, 2015

There are plenty of fun facts about cats and many of us sometimes wonder where all of the different breeds came from. A little history certainly never hurt anyone, so learning their origins is probably a good thing. With so many different countries it’s almost impossible to go through all of them, so we’re trying to focus on the larger ones first. If you’ve ever wondered what else Russia had to offer besides vodka and borscht, check out this list of cat breeds!

#1 – Donskoy


The Donskoy, or Don Sphynx, is a hairless breed of cat originating in Russia. A cat breeder named Elena Kovaleva discovered a hairless cat in the city Rostov-on-Don in 1987. The breed isn’t related to the Sphynx and is the result of a genetic mutation.

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#2 – Kurilian Bobtail


The Kurilian Bobtail is a naturally occurring, tailless cat breed that lives on the Kuril Islands. This territory is claimed by both Japan and Russia, so the country of origin is up for debate. The original cats were all short-haired but breeders have developed a long-coated variety and a breed standard for domestically bred specimens. It’s known for its fluffy, bobbed tail.

#3 – Peterbald


The Peterbarld is a hairless cat breed from Russia that was created by breeding Donskoy’s to Oriental Shorthair cats. The first breeding in 1994 was experimental and done by a Russian felinologist in St. Petersburg, giving the breed its name. Peterbalds are very sweet and affectionate cats.

#4 – Russian Blue


The Russian Blue is known for its unique sliver-blue coat color, which gives the breed its name. They are a naturally occurring breed that originate in the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia. The breed forms very close bonds with its people and has become widely popular due to its playful and affectionate temperament.

#5 – Siberian


Siberian cats are another naturally occurring domesticated breed that has lived in Russia for centuries, only recently becoming more popular as a house and show cat. It’s believed that the Siberian is the ancestor of all modern long-haired cats, with the first reference to the breed made in 1871. Now they are known for being very affectionate and playful cats.