4 Awesome Facts About Manx Cats

| Published on November 17, 2016

Manx cats are known for their adorable bobbed tails, but they certainly have a lot more to offer than just their looks. If you’re familiar with the breed, then none of this information will come as a surprise to you. But if you’re just learning about these awesome little felines, we hope you’ll enjoy the fun facts we have to share! The Manx is a neat cat you need to meet!

#1 – Not All Manx Are Tailless

Although taillessness is the most distinctive characteristic of the Manx, not all kittens are born without a tail. In fact, because of the naturally occurring genetic mutation that causes the bobbed tail, two tailless cats should not be continuously bred together. The Manx cats with tails keep the total population healthy and free of too excessive mutations, making them stick around with us for many happy years!

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#2 – There Are Different Types of “Tails”

Manx owners have developed their own jargon when it comes to Manx tails, or lack thereof. There’s the Rumpie, where a cat has no tail at all but might have a little tuft of fur where it might have been. Then there’s the Riser, where there is a bump of cartilage under the fur, though no really noticeable tail. The Stumpie has just that, a little stump that gets up to about 1 inch long. Stubbies have a shorter-than-average tail of fused bones, up to about half the length of a regular tail. Then there are the Longies, with half- to normal-length tails.

#3 – They Act More Like Dogs

Like some other cat breeds in the fancy, Manx cats are known for their dog-like personalities. That is, they’re very social with their people, although wary of strangers, and enjoy interacting with them regularly. Manx cats are said to be very intelligent and are known for enjoying games like fetch. Some owners have reported that their Manx cats have learned to open doors to get into a room that has something they want inside.

#4 – Symbol for the Isle of Man

The Manx cat is a naturally occurring breed from the Isle of Man. The self-governing crown dependency has featured the cat on four commemorative coins. The cats have also been featured on postage stamps and other artwork. Manx cats are a perfect representation of the Isle of Man and its unique culture. In fact, tourists are most interested in buying souvenirs with Manx cats on them!

Cover photo: Tessa de Jongh via Flickr