5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Norwegian Forest Cat

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on March 25, 2015

With long bushy hair covering its large frame, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a suitable name to describe this breed native to Norway. Besides the look and obvious country of origin given the breed’s name, have you ever heard of a Norwegian Forest Cat before now? Take a look at our 5 things you didn’t know about the Norwegian Forest Cat and familiarize yourself with this stunning cat breed:

9699917489_a2f623cc39_zSource: Pieter & Renée Lanser via Flickr

1. Don’t Let the Name Completely Fool You

Known as the Skogkatt in its native Norway, despite the “Forest” labeling in their name this breed has no problems about staying cozy at home with their human. But while this breed might be fond of being around you, don’t think that they will turn into a lap cat so easily. These cats are selective with their affections, choosing to be close to you on their own terms. So if your Norwegian Forest Cat chooses to be close, take that as a huge compliment!

6831248703_c257cc3d22_zSource: Andreas-photography via Flickr

2. Waterproof Cats

The dense double coat is ideal for the winter climate of its native region as that it’s practically waterproof. For this breed, their coat length varies from season to season, being most full in the winter. During the spring and summer months, this cat molts to let go of the extra hair that they don’t need to protect from the weather. Fun fact: these strong, durable cats were the cats of choice for vikings, and according to legend they were even the cat of choice to cross aboard ships with famous viking Leif Ericson centuries ago.


3. Reason for the Maine Coon?

It is believed by many that the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat are linked due to their obvious similarities in appearance. One main difference? The shape of the head for the Norwegian Forest Cat is a distinct triangle shape that is much different than any other longhaired cat breed. Fun fact: the long tufts of hair in between their toes is intended to protect from frostbite.


4. Easy Going by Nature

It’s believed that due to centuries of survival in the harshest of winters in the Scandinavian region, not much really phases these chill felines. Wegies, a common nickname for this breed, are great with kids and other animals because of their calm, laid-back temperament. Fun fact: the Norwegian Forest Cat is the official cat of Norway.

14632550907_553a0987fe_zSource: Jodie C via Flickr

5. These Cats Love Being Up High

Anyone that owns a Wegie can agree that these cats definitely have a thing for being up in high places. A Norwegian Forest Cat loves perching themselves up high in a tree to take in a good view of their surroundings, even resting there for several minutes on end. These cats are the strong silent type that are very observant, so getting lost in a good view is just their thing.

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