5 Ways Your Cat Proves Their Love To You

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on March 25, 2015

As we cat lovers all know, when your cat loves you, they aren’t shy about divvying out their love and affection. Whatever form of affection they choose to spoil you with, there are some distinct ways that all cats show their love to us humans. Here are 5 ways you can feel the cat love, and hopefully your cat does all of these to prove their love for you!

Image source: Minxlj Flickr

1. Purring Loudly Just for You!

Cats purr for a number of reasons, but we all know that cats especially do this whenever they are happy. When your cat is in your presence and their purr motor is always going strong, they do this because they love you and want you to know it through the power of their purring.


2. Check out My Tummy!

For an animal that is not naturally trusting, this is a very big deal to them if they go on their back and flash you their tummy. Cats like to be on guard for the most part, and when they are laying on their back this is when they are the most vulnerable–with the exclusion of sleeping, obviously. Does your cat love to roll around near your feet with their paws up while flashing you that fuzzy belly? Well, they’re doing this because they love you oh so much!

Source: Alan C. via Flickr

3. This Blink’s for You!

Since cats are known to be on the defense and usually on high alert, for a cat to slowly blink at you is a grand gesture in their minds. Cats use their slow blinking “kitty kisses” to show you that they love you in a big way. As many know, cats are not one to prefer making eye contact. By not only staring directly at you, but also giving you a cat smooch, this is probably the strongest term of affection they use to prove their love to you.

Source: Trish Thornton via Flickr

4. Rubbing Their Scent on You

Cats use head butting (or head bunting) in a totally different way than humans do. To a cat, bunting is a super big deal. When cats use this term of affection they do so as a way to rub their scent on you. Think of it as a way a cat labels you as theirs, and no one else’s. And knowing that our cat claims us as theirs? That’s the type of flattery that we simply can’t resist!

Source: A.Davey via Flickr

5. Whenever You Look, Kitty is There, Too

While some cats are more independent and less social than others, it says a lot about your relationship when your cat chooses to frequently be by your side. By choosing to be in your presence cats are telling you that they trust you, have a desire to be near you, and if this is a routine habit–that’s certainly one of the ways they prove their love. Chances are you reciprocate the love by choosing to be near them too!


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