5 Things Cats Love More Than Anything

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on March 25, 2015

While each cat is truly unique, there are certain things that all cats love–and some of these more than anything! It doesn’t matter if your cat is young or old, longhaired or shorthaired, skinny or plump, pretty much all cats love these 5 things with a passion:

366931529_247a085ce5_z-2Source: Faruk Ateş via Flickr

1. Sleeping 

For an animal that sleeps roughly 16 hours a day on average, it should come as no surprise that cats are notoriously known by all for loving to catch up on their Z’s. It’s certainly true that some cats are more prone to sleep than others, but all cats can be found doing that thing that they do best–cat napping!

452662516_3484ddb9df_zSource: Chad Fust via Flickr

2. Playing with Random Objects

You might have purchased the latest in cat trends for your cat, shelled out several dollars on treats or things that should strike their fancy, but none of these can compare to shoe laces, blind cords, or other random things that cats find amusing. Something that may be rather simple can trigger their curiosity like no other, sending them into a kooky cat frenzy.

 3496677296_bc1b7a3126_zSource: wabisabi2015 via Flickr

3. Pestering You at the Worst Times

Cats who want your attention will not take no for an answer, especially during the times when you have labeled yourself as busy. Your cat could care less if you are trying to get work done, particularly if they are choosing to take a nap–on your keyboard. And going to the restroom in private? Cats are worse than kids when it comes to that. Wait, you didn’t want a paw desperately seeking your attention under the door? Sorry… too bad!

 3665063516_9ccd78c236_zSource: schmilblick via Flickr

4. Hiding

It might be instinctual by nature for a cat to hide, but no matter how social your cat may be there are going to be times they will leave you guessing on their whereabouts. And in true cat fashion you will find them in the oddest of places, or when they jump out and scare the bejesus out of you. And don’t even think about leaving a cardboard box out for them to find, because that is just kitty kryptonite they don’t have the power to resist.

6028582390_d8baa4c900_zSource: hehaden via Flickr

5. Grooming

Whether it’s themselves, another cat, or even when they try to groom their human, all cats love to get their groom on with the help of those sandpaper-like tongues. Cats are naturally tidy and in their tidiness comes the infatuation of being as clean as possible at all times. Rolling around in the mud like some dingy dog? No, don’t think so. Not for a squeaky clean cat, thank you very much!