This Kitten Had No Chance Of Survival Until This Other Cat Stepped In

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on March 25, 2015

After spending the first 15 hours of his life without food or warmth, this poor kitten didn’t stand much of a chance if he didn’t get help soon. Born the only kitten to a senior mother, the unlucky kitten was abandoned and didn’t have much promise for survival. Thankfully he was taken in by a kind woman, who did her best to find the proper nourishment for this unfortunate kitten who needed it so dearly.

Using her connections in the animal rescue community in Ottawa, Canada, the woman found a friend who had taken in a mother and her four-week-old kittens desperately hoping that the surrogate mother cat could save this poor kitten.


What happened next was beyond belief, as the kitten and surrogate mother cat immediately took well to one another–better than anyone could have imagined. The mother cat nursed the orphan kitten as her own, and gave him the nourishment and affection he needed to make him a happy and healthy kitten.


The kitten who was once on the brink of death, grew to become a fluffy, well-fed kitten that has a sweet disposition and a love for having his tummy scratched. He is now on reserve for adoption at the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue in Canada. This story just goes to show you the strength of a mother’s love is unparalleled!