5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Burmese Cat Breed

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 13, 2019

Some people may not be able to tell one breed of cat from the other – in fact, some don’t know that there are even breeds in cats! But we do – and we appreciate them for all their uniqueness! We know that the Burmese are strikingly beautiful cats known for their large green eyes and short silky coats. Many owners can attest to their “chatty Kathy” nature. Take a look at our 5 things you didn’t know about the Burmese cat breed:

 3752043118_6895fae2c5_zSource: denAsuncioner via Flickr

1. Don’t Let the Sleek Appearance Fool You

These cats are shiny and smooth with a super sleek appearance yet quite heavy. They are a sturdy, muscular cat with a heavy body. Because of their surprising weight, the Burmese are often referred to as a “brick wrapped in silk” .

 7102143885_ac3a04d950_zSource: Mikael Tigerström via Flickr

2. The Burmese Is Not Your Anti-Social Cat

These cats are known for being rather clingy, and  seem to possess many dog-like qualities. One of these qualities is that they don’t like to be left alone. They have a very naturally trusting nature and tend to be very clingy. Fun fact: despite the name of the breed, the Burmese that we know today were actually bred here in the United States.

4664407352_614160e42d_zSource: denAsuncioner via Flickr

3. Not All Burmese Cats Have Green Eyes

Although most Burmese are known for their captivating green eyes and shiny chocolate brown coats, there are some Burmese that have yellow or blue eyes. The Burmese cat breed comes in 4 different colors: champagne, platinum, blue, and the sable (their signature creamy brown).

 6896999007_689600d18d_z-2Source: Dee Bamford via Flickr

4. Some Cats Meow, But The Burmese Is Known To Rumble

Burmese are very vocal cats and the sound they make is more like a low rumble than a meow. This breed demands attention from the humans in their household. When a Burmese wants your attention, and some pampering at that, they will stop at nothing to grab your attention–even if that means rumbling for long periods of time.

 5439654900_915abdcfb6_zSource: ollie harridge via Flickr

5. This is Not Your Typical Chill Cat

As many Burmese cat owners know, these active kitties are not the type to be curled up sleeping in a chair somewhere all day. A Burmese thrives on interaction and enjoys almost constant stimulation. These cats are known for being playful, energetic, and engaging with their humans. If you’re looking for a beautiful cat that loves to be near and keep you entertained, the Burmese is just the cat breed for you!

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