5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Exotic Shorthair

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 11, 2019

Known for its teddy bear looks, with large, expressive eyes and cute round faces, the Exotic Shorthair is a beautiful cat breed. Many know the Exotic Shorthair as a shorthaired version of the Persian, but there are many other traits they have that are unique. Here are 5 things most don’t know about the Exotic Shorthair cat breed:

14980830135_f13df428cb_zSource: Başak Ekinci via Flickr

1. They Are Not So Shorthaired

The Exoctic Shorthair tends to have more hair than your typical shorthaired cat. Due to their incredible plush, thick coat, the Exotic Shorthair tends to shed more than most cats with similar coats.  To combat their shedding, weekly brushings are recommended for this breed. For those Exotics with the trademark flat faced look, it is also suggested to do daily wiping in folds and creases around the eyes and nose to keep them clean and healthy.

6359368303_817b05d12e_z-2Source: Captain Pancakes via Flickr

2. They Are A Man Made Breed

The Exotic Shorthair was said to have been created by mixing a Persian with an American Shorthair. While the Exotic Shorthair possesses a very Persian temperament, being docile and sweet, this breed is a bit more adventurous and playful due to its American Shorthair lineage. Fun fact: The Exotic Shorthair was first referred to as a “Sterling” because of its coat color.

9691936896_9b6a55fa21_zSource: Bryant Wong via Flickr

3. They Have A Very Thick Neck

Although the Exotic is a medium-sized cat, they have an exceptionally large, round head that sits atop of their equally thick neck. Some even refer to their wide neck as a “linebacker’s neck” due to its pronounced wideness. Because of this distinct trait, these adorable cats look much like plush animal toys. Fun fact: The Exotic becomes warm easily due to their dense coat, so they prefer sleeping in cooler areas to regulate their body temperature. So know not to take it personally if your Exotic chooses not to cuddle with you in the bed at night.

6359361359_3021b54965_zSource: Captain Pancakes via Flickr

4. They Are More The Quiet Type

Much like the Persian, the Exotic is a loving breed that prefers to be seen and not heard. These cats are exceptionally quiet, hardly using their meow and not one to demand your attention the way that some other affectionate breeds might. Fun fact: the Exotic may even take more to one specific person in the household, favoring their companionship over others who are present. See: Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle

231562129_a810968b37_zSource: Charlyn Wee via Flickr

5. They Are One Round Kitty

Round is basically the best way to describe this breed. The Exotic is a sturdy cat with short legs and a compact body. From their rounded head, rounded bodies, and large round eyes, the term “round” is the best way to describe the adorably precious Exotic cat. Fun fact: Garfield, everyone’s favorite cartoon fat cat, was said to be inspired from an Exotic Shorthair.


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