9 Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle

| Published on October 13, 2015

Some kitties want nothing more than to snuggle up with you and never let you leave. In fact, if your lap is empty, they will quickly fix that problem. Trying to work on your computer? No chance as these kitties will be on the keyboard purring loudly until you scratch them. If you are looking for a cuddly cat, try one of these breeds that are known for being affectionate felines.

#1 –  Ragdoll Siamese

If you have ever owned one of these cats (as I have!) then you know that they want nothing more than to be in your lap. They have a softer meow than other Siamese and will lure you in with their quiet talk and stunning blue eyes.

Image source: @HouserWolf via Flickr

#2 – Bombay

The Bombay LOVES a lap! This beautiful “mini panther” is playful and will even play fetch, but when he’s not playing he will want to be curled up on your lap (or shoulder if you are obliging), snuggling.

Image source @DennisHamillton via Flickr

#3 –  Korat

This unique breed, known as the “good luck cats of Thailand,” love a warm friendly lap to cuddle up to. They are a devoted breed and get along well with children.

Image source: @Fotorus via Flickr
Image source: @Fotorus via Flickr

#4 – LaPerm

After exploring everything, and playing a bit, this active cat loves to snuggle, making them a nice balance between active and cuddly. Their unique coat gives them an adorably disheveled look, so feel free to snuggle him close, you can’t mess up his ‘do.

Image source: "Laperm LH red tabby" by Bebopscrx - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

#5 –  Devon Rex

This might be the ultimate lap cat! The Cat Fanciers Association claims that: “Family members will frequently find a Devon nestled in their laps or cradled in their arms. You should not be surprised to find a Devon tucked in bed with you or another family member, snuggled underneath the covers or firmly settled onto a pillow.” In short, if there is somone who needs to snuggle, the Rex is there!

Image source: @Joan!ta via Flickr
Image source: @Joan!ta via Flickr

#6 – Maine Coon

This giant breed cat doesn’t care if he might not quite fit on your lap, he’ll make it work. Known for being affectionate, many of them are used as therapy cats because they don’t mind getting lots of snuggles, from anyone who is willing.

6 cats-535789_640


#7 –  Sphynx

The Sphynx is a fun cat that definitely likes a warm lap or  to snuggle under the covers due to their lack of hair. They have a sweet personality and like to be in their owner’s company.

Image source: @ShannonVadlee via Flickr

#8 –  Somali

I’ve only met one Somali in my life, but she left an impression on me that I will never forget. These endearing cats have a wonderful personality and just plain LOVE people. After playing with you, they will curl up on your lap and be content for hours.

Image source: @MeredithP via Flickr
Image source: @MeredithP via Flickr

#9 – Persian

One of the most recognized (and most popular) breeds in the catdom, the Persian is a regal cat who loves a long snuggle above almost anything else. They are known for being creatures of habit and once adapted to your home, they are a constant companion.

Image source: @Brad via Flickr
Image source: @Brad via Flickr

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